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December 12, 2017

Rinse & Repeat Marketing

Recently I asked about some of the biggest pain points people were experiencing in their businesses. One lovely woman replied: 

just knowing what to focus my efforts on next.… or a marketing calendar. LOL. Seems as though as fast as I plan them I have to start over and plan them again. But I guess that’s just part of the deal. hahah!”

Can you relate?! I sure can. 🙂 

AND… I have a SUPER-POWERFUL strategy/tip I’m so excited to share with you.

–> Are you ready for this life + time-saver tip that will take your marketing from “what in the world should I do next” to simply rinse & repeat?



<< drum roll please >>

What if instead of having to think up new marketing every single month, you could instead just think up 18 weeks of marketing… and then rinse and repeat?

That roughly gives you about 4 months of a marketing calendar and then you can just run that marketing through your Facebook page again? Or, if you’re doing it for Instagram, you could potentially use the same content and just swap out your images. 

Cool idea, right?

But some of you may be thinking “18 weeks still sounds like a LOT… how would I know what to do for it?”

Here’s where the real Jedi-ness comes in handy. 😉 

Can you think of the top 18-20 questions people have about your business, products and/or services? What are you continually being asked or feeling like you need to explain and teach your audience about?

Jot those down… and then turn each of them into a tip or mini training that you can offer through your marketing. You could even take one of the 18 weeks to answer one of the questions… or you could mix it up. Heck, you could even have your 18 weeks start at the beginner questions while near the end of the 18 weeks it’s getting into the higher level ones.

Regardless… you’re giving lots of value to your network by sharing and educating, rather than SELLING. But, the good news is that as you show up to serve your network in this way… more sales will inevitably happen.


Now some of you may be feeling a bit worried about the marketing sounding bland and repeated, but here’s the thing: how many people in your networks are seeing and consuming every single post and email you are sending? 

Odds are high that in our fast-paced and over-stimulated world, there’s not many (if any at all). PLUS, if someone does get a post or email from you in 4 months that sounds familiar… most often that’s a GOOD thing and most people would receive that as a healthy reminder of something they needed to remember and pay attention to. 

Also, it’s important to recognize that this would just be your baseline marketing which would ensure those social media algorithms stay happy with you. You’d, of course, want to add in a little holiday, special offer, or behind the scenes post as you felt inspired and able. But the beautiful part is you don’t need to stress about being sure the word is getting out about your products and services every day because your marketing is largely on autopilot (with some yummy nurturing as needed).  

Sooooo… of course there a WHOLE HEAP of details that would go into rocking this successfully (one of which would be to have a GORGEOUS, SOULFUL BRAND to make your marketing irresistibly magnetic), but I’ve found just by jotting down those 18-20 top questions, it gets your marketing calendar rolling in a really fabulous way FAST.

Get started now in simplifying your marketing by downloading my FREE “RINSE & REPEAT MARKETING” Planner by clicking the image below:

Would LOVE to hear from you about what you think about this strategy, as well as any questions you may have… just simply hit “comment” and let’s chat. 🙂

EPIC UPDATE: I now have a FREE training available on how to rock your “Rinse & Repeat Marketing” strategy, using the tips included in your free download AND SO MUCH MORE!! 

Simply click on the image below to gain instant access the training!

See you soon!! Let’s make 2018 your BEST business year yet with strong, effective marketing! 

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