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Find and fill your life with JOY. Tips, tricks, skills and shifts to create a life you love and bring your dreams to life. 

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joyful living

xoxo, Eden

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Our first day in London was AMAZING!! This is SUCH a fun city with so many incredible things to see! We explored Kensington Park, enjoyed the British Library, saw Platform 9 3/4 at Kings Cross Station, laughed our guts out at a play called “A Comedy About a Bank Robbery,” and savored some INCREDIBLE Italian food (everything they serve has been flown in from Italy + is prepared by their Italian chefs in house). Just incredible!

Picadilly Circus


Dream come true to see this magical Peter Pan statue at Kensington Park that I’ve loved for so long!


Kensington Palace Gardens


Queen Victoria at Kensington Palace Gardens


The daffodils in full bloom at Kensington Park


Caught the last day of the Alice in Wonderland exhibit in the British Library. So incredible to see the original writings by “Lewis Carroll” (not his real name; brilliant guy), as well as some of the original wood cut stamps used for illustrating the books. The original illustrations were SO beautiful!


It seems around every corner here in London is a fabulous old building, rich with history and presence.


Kings Cross Station – surreal to see in real life after going on the “tube”



Platform 9 3/4 at Kings Cross Station


We enjoyed our Italian dinner so much here that we came back after seeing “A Comedy About a Bank Robbery” for dessert (it was also AMAZING!!)


London is AMAZING!! I now understand the addiction. Just incredible! Grateful for Kelly showing me all the beauty around this lovely city!


Heavenly flower shop on a street corner


Can you believe this place?!! Just over-the-top INCREDIBLE!!


Beautiful church


LOVE this soooooooo much!!


Buckingham Palace



The park near Buckingham Palace was STUNNING with everything blooming. Wow!


Loved this view of the London Eye from the park near Buckingham Palace. WOW.


SOOO fabulous to connect with the fabulous Victoria (Oluchi) while in London. She just glows with JOY! So much love to you, Vixy!


EPIC to see “Wicked” with Kelly!!! OH MY GOODNESS!! My first time seeing this play & it was just INCREDIBLE. Still in awe!



Our last day in London was absolutely magical. Can’t believe this dream trip is at an end. Truly humbled by having experienced so much beauty + joy over the past 11 days. In denial that it was real life and not just a dream. My heart is full to bursting.

For such a LONG time in my life I believed that dreams don’t come true. I had a BILLION excuses for why my dreams to travel and see the world wouldn’t come true. However, God kept inviting me to trust Him and to place mydreams in His care. He’s invited me to take inspired and creative action time and again, especially when I couldn’t be sure that it would ever amount to anything. This trip was lovingly given to me by Him, but it took IMMENSE courage and faith to actually do it. I second-guessed for months and told God the timing probably wasn’t right and that the money needed to do it would be better served elsewhere. But in the end, His answer was the same: TRUST ME. And so I did, even though I felt a bit crazy and unworthy to dream this big and receive the dream. I’m soooooo grateful I did!! God has poured out blessing after blessing and miracle after miracle on this trip. I feel deeply full and nourished by His love and care. And as a lovely bonus, sweet miracles and connections have happened on this trip that will grow our business in abundant ways. God has had a beautiful plan all along. It’s waking me up to leaning in even more when God invites me deeper into joy. It’s helping me trust even more when He’s guiding me into peaceful creation and flow.

We all know how to do hard things, but do we really know how to receive LOTS and LOTS of good and lovely things, especially in our life experiences and relationships? In my experience I find we limit the good. We feel uncomfortable with “too much” good. We feel terrified that if we really receive our everyday joy and dreams coming true that they will end and we’ll be left in more pain than before by having lost the joy and the dream. As Brene Brown says, joy is the emotion we are most terrified of. She points out that when we start feeling joy, we soon disconnect and start dress-rehearsing tragedy in our minds. I’ve experienced this all too often in my life and it’s been so transformational to learn to be fully present and receive joy every single day, in small and big ways.


So grateful for my dear friend, Kelly, for dreaming up this magical trip. Also so deeply grateful for Randy for supporting this dream and cheering me on in going. And thank you SO MUCH to my mom & Crystal for taking care of our kids the first week. SOOO much love came together to make this dream come true. So humbled and grateful. Words just can’t adequately express. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Savoring High Tea at Kensington Palace with Kelly King Anderson.


Isn’t this BEAUTIFUL?! Loved High Tea! Just magical!


Swans at Kensington Gardens (the Queen’s official bird)


Tears were flowing as we visited the National Gallery in London and I was able to see the original works from so many of my favorite artists, like this Van Gogh. So surreal and SUCH a dream come true!


Seeing this Da Vinci was EPIC + life-changing. My heart is so full.


The flags!!! Goodness, I love how they are all over Europe! This was near Covent Garden. The flags were most likely up to celebrate the Queen’s 90th Birthday.


We saw “Nell Gwen” for our final night. It was a fascinating play, based on the true story of Nell Gwen, one of the first female actresses and a consort of King Charles. Such a cheeky woman who became infamous.



London, England

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Find and fill your life with JOY. Tips, tricks, skills and shifts to create a life you love and bring your dreams to life. 

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joyful living

xoxo, Eden

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