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February 18, 2014

Living the Dream: Tulum, Mexico

tulum mexico travel

This January Randy and I were blessed to be able to go travel to Mexico! Truly, this trip was a dream come true! As excited as I was to go, I started to get nervous prior. This would be the longest that Randy and I have ever been away from our kids, and we would be REALLY far away from them. Then I found this quote and made it into my mantra: “She decided to start living the life she had imagined.” Time to choose to live!

IMG_8819So Randy and I packed enough clothes for all 5 kids to last for a week with my amazing parents. Randy had the genius idea to putting a full outfit for each day in a bag. This worked out awesome! The total came out to 5 kids x 7 bags of outfits = 35 bags of outfits. We also put together a swimming bag of 5 swimsuits and 5 towels, in addition to a week’s worth of diapers and packing up our new kitten and all he needed for a week also. It was a BIG job, but totally worth it!

smart packingAfter dropping off everyone at my parents’ around dinner time on Thursday, we drove to the airport for Randy and I’s first flight together (ever) to fly to Los Angelos, stay the night, and then fly to Cancun, Mexico early the next morning.

airportAfter arriving in Cancun, we took a taxi to Tulum which was about 2 hours away. It was a beautiful drive! We stayed Friday night at the Dreams Tulum Resort. It took our breath away when we saw how gorgeous the resort was!

dreams tulumWe were able to upgrade our room for only $40 to a gorgeous suite that had an incredible ocean view and was close to all of the restaurants. This was definitely the nicest room Randy and I have ever stayed in (a 10 year delayed honeymoon *wink*).

room tulum

Then Randy and I went for a twilight walk on the beach together. It was all so magical! For the first few hours we were both pretty stressed to enjoy absolutely every single second. We knew how amazing this experience was for us and had to remind ourselves to relax and just enjoy it.

night walk on beach

After dinner we joined the Incentive Trip group for their farewell dinner. We had wanted to go on the whole trip, but it hadn’t worked out. It was really fun to be able to do the dinner with everyone, though. Dinner was amazing! It was out in the courtyard and there was live entertainment and dancing. LOVED it! So grateful for Natalie and Andy Goddard for making it possible for us to join the fun!

The next day Randy and I went with a small tour to the Tulum ruins nearby. They were incredible!!

tulum ruins

It was fascinating to learn about all of the different parts of the ruins and to see what has remained standing over all this time. It was like we were in a totally different world and a different time.

tulum 2

Our tour guide was wonderful! It was a blast to explore the ruins and the weather was perfect!

curtis tulumTulum was completely magical! Randy and I loved it! The beach around the ruins is said to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and we believe it! The colors of the ocean were stunning and breath-taking! Many people brought their swimsuits to jump on in. Tulum was such a great first place to see in Mexico. It definitely made Mexico easy to fall in love with!

After Tulum we drove to Akumal where we continued our Mexico trip. Click here to see the full details on beautiful Akumal.


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