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akumal mexico travelMost of our January Mexico trip was spent in Akumal, a quiet little beach town about 20 minutes away from Tulum. This part of our trip was a gift to us from Natalie and Andy Goddard, our dear friends. When the Goddards dream, they dream BIG. Akumal was an INCREDIBLE experience!!

We stayed at Las Villas Akumal in beautiful condos on the beach.

las villasTruly a paradise location! This was the view from the back of our condos.

las villas2

After getting settled into our room, Randy and I walked up the beach about a mile to the little town near Turtle Bay. We ate lunch at a small Mexican restaurant where we had the BEST shrimp tacos I’ve ever tasted in my entire life! They were so tasty that they changed my life! Seriously.

After lunch Randy couldn’t wait to get in the water, so he went swimming for awhile. Something I had never known about Randy prior to this trip is how connected he is to the ocean. He could barely stand to be out of it for any length of time. Whenever there were short breaks, he’d run down and dive in to swim or snorkel for a bit every day we were there. I took a book out to the beach, but ended up talking to friends for awhile and watching Randy swim.

coconut water

That night we had a big dinner together up in the Las Villas rooftop restaurant, overlooking the ocean, and then attended a business planning meeting afterward. It was really high-energy to be in a room with so many top-producers. These are amazing individuals who have created massive value for their teams. They are all people who are six figure earners, but whom you may never know it because of how beautiful, genuine, and inspiring they are and how they truly lead their organizations by serving them. Felt very blessed to rub shoulders with and be inspired by all of these leaders.

Sunday was so lovely to wake up to the sun rising over the ocean!

Randy woke up early to go snorkeling with a few others from the group. They saw LOTS of sea turtles! Randy completely loved it!

During the day we had some beautiful oceanside workshops where we learned SO much! It was completely inspiring and made me feel more connected to my purpose and my Creator than ever before.

We all walked down the beach to have lunch at the Turtle Bay Bakery & Cafe. Well, technically Randy ran down the beach ahead of everyone to snorkel in the bay for a bit while we casually walked up the beach.

WOW. The Turtle Bay Bakery & Cafe was definitely some of the best food I’ve ever eaten. YUM. There were SO many good choices, too! It took all of us a lot of time to sort through the 8+ page menu. All of the menu items were very healthy and tasty options!

turtle bay bakery

One of my favorite things in Mexico was all of the beautiful colored glass. I was very tempted to buy a lot of it and bring it home, but was worried about if any of it would survive the trip back. So, I have it on my bucket list to own a lot of Mexican glass some day soon! After lunch, Randy and I went shopping in the little village shops and found some great souvenirs for our family.

mexican glass

When we returned to Las Villas, we enjoyed more amazing workshops. Then we were all invited out to the beach where dinner was waiting for us. The Turtle Bay Cafe & Bakery catered this dinner and it was out of this world!! The food was DIVINE and the location was awe-inspiring.

beach dinner2All of us were in awe at what an incredible experience dinner on the beach was. As we were all sitting around the table at dinner, someone said, “who even thinks this stuff up?” Then we realized, “Goddards do.”  This dinner was one of the most beautiful experiences of my entire life. How grateful I am to have dear friends who dream SO BIG and who LOVE SO BIG. They are always teaching me more and more about service leadership, as well as true abundance and freedom.

I kept thinking, “is this REALLY my life?!!”  “Is this really MY life?!!”  Sooo grateful!

beach dinnerAfter dinner we had a beautiful fireside workshop back in the villas. Heavenly!

The next morning, I woke up to the sun rising over the ocean and took some time to meditate and pray. It can be so easy to feel connected to heaven with the sound of the waves crashing against the shore and the wind blowing gently through the palm trees.


That morning we enjoyed some more fabulous workshops and I taught a Branding Workshop for everyone as well. Powerful learning that will impact my life forever.

For lunch we went up to the Las Villas rooftop restaurant for an AMAZING lunch! This was such a beautiful place to eat so many of our meals! The food was excellent and it was all open air so you could see the ocean and feel the breeze. LOVELY. I really loved all of the vibrant flowers and foliage in Mexico, including these beautiful fuchsia plants that we’d see every time we went up to each on the rooftop.

las villas 2

This Papaya Jicama salad stole the show. It was one of the most delicious, healthy salads I’ve ever had. It was Natalie Goddard’s favorite!  She wanted photos of it because she loved it so much!

papaya jicama salad

After lunch most of us went snorkeling. The snorkeling was INCREDIBLE! Randy is now the biggest fan of snorkeling EVER and I can see why. I was really nervous. I’ve always had a fear of the water and especially the ocean. But, with Randy’s patient help, I was able to REALLY enjoy myself! My favorite thing was swimming with the sea turtles and snorkeling over the coral reef, watching the “fish city” happenings. It was another world and was something we both will never forget. It was amazing how timeless it is when you’re snorkeling. We were in the water for a long time, but it hardly felt like it.

dive shop akumal

After drying off we all went to dinner at a really amazing restaurant and had dinner on another part of the beach. We sat by our friends Corrina and Roman Barrus and had such a nice time talking to them while eating. It was so surreal.

beach dinner3

After dinner we came back for one last time meeting together at the Villas. The next morning it was time for us to say goodbye to Akumal and this incredible experience. We would definitely miss the sand in between our toes and being so near to the ocean.

beach akumal

Going to Akumal was a dream come true. Honestly, it was better than a dream come true because I don’t think I could dream THIS big. Randy and I had such an incredible time together and with so many beautiful friends. Our hearts are so full of gratitude, especially to Natalie and Andy Goddard for their generosity in blessing all of our lives with such a heavenly trip together.

akumal beach

Going to Mexico has absolutely changed our lives. We’re dreaming bigger and seeing how we can create even more of a life that thrills us and that we can’t wait to wake up to! We hope to someday take our children to experience a trip like this, too. This also opened my eyes to how much the ocean means to Randy. It makes me want to help him get more ocean time.

randy beachWe wish every person in the world could have this experience! We desire to liberate countless others to live a life they love and to get to have their dreams realized also.

Whatever you are doing, never give up on your dreams. Continue to DREAM BIG and strive to create a life you LOVE!!!

Living the Dream: Akumal, Mexico

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Find and fill your life with JOY. Tips, tricks, skills and shifts to create a life you love and bring your dreams to life. 

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joyful living

xoxo, Eden

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