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April 23, 2015

Denver Trip

This morning my friend Julia & I caught a flight to Denver, Colorado so we could tour several Waldorf schools to get a feel for what they’re really like in action. This will help give us ideas of how to bring more Waldorf style learning into our homeschools. Impressed at what a beautiful city Denver is.

Dember  1

Enjoyed this Fried Soft Shell Crab sandwich today in downtown Denver. Feeling pretty brave since the whole crab was sitting on my sandwich. But how could I resist when the sandwich was made on homemade focaccia with green apples, arugula, & rosemary chipotle aioli? Impossible.

Dember 2

We visited the Denver Waldorf School today & were blown away. We especially loved how in 3rd grade when the children learn fractions they also teach them cooking (which they do in the classroom), helping take an abstract concept from math & making it come alive & be applicable. We also loved hearing about the literature & history that is focused on each year, perfectly mirroring the children’s developmental stages. The classrooms were so beautiful with lots of nature & natural elements. The kindergarten classrooms had beautiful tree houses with swings in the rooms. They say that sometimes a child just needs to swing for a bit to help with brain integration. Brain & body integration is a big priority in Waldorf schools. It was really neat to see how handwork like knitting, wool felting, cross stitching, & sewing are taught all through the gradeschool years to support integration. Also loved learning about the brilliant ways math is taught. My brain is full of so many ideas now! I’m so excited! What a BEAUTIFUL way for children to learn & grow. Amazed at the work they do in the high schools after having such a solid childhood foundation. It’s very advanced work & completely inspiring. Becoming a bigger & bigger fan of the Waldorf ways after experiencing this school today. Excited to see 2 more schools tomorrow!

Dember 3

Just visited the *magical* Shepherd Valley Waldorf School in Bolder, Colorado. Wow. Just heavenly! There were seriously little wild bunny rabbits peacefully hopping all over the rock paths from classroom to classroom (the classrooms are all in separate buildings). There’s even a beautiful meditation maze (the rock photo on the right). Beautiful classrooms with wooden toys & soft cloths. The 6 year olds were stitching small, lovely blankets. The children all help take care of the gardens & even make snacks & meals from what they grow. Such a beautiful spirit on this campus. So impressed & inspired by visting here today. Wow.

Dember 4

Our final tour was at the Shining Mountain Waldorf School in Boulder, Colorado. This was the most established of the 3 schools, having been around for 30+ years. The campus was truly beautiful with gorgeous wood structures for the children to play on outside, along with a campus goat named “Deva,” and – as is typical for Waldorf – a wonderful school garden. In the older grades the children learn survival skills, digging snow caves & sleeping overnight in them. There is also an optional extracurricular circus program many of the children participate in where they learn to trapeze & do all sorts of other incredible things with their bodies. It was really impressive & the perfect way to end our trip tours.

Dember 5

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