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Find and fill your life with JOY. Tips, tricks, skills and shifts to create a life you love and bring your dreams to life. 

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xoxo, Eden

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Today on The Joyful Living Podcast, I am joined by Jon Marro — an artist and creative director, who has collaborated with such clients as Jason Mraz, Dave Matthews, Madonna, Whole Foods..

And was even commissioned to create a portrait of His Holiness The Dalai Lama for his 80th birthday.

Jon has created some soul-filled, priceless magic with his new book, “The Keepers of Color: A Creative Healers Journey Into the World Within,” which we discuss in today’s episode.


“The Keepers of Color” is a must if you’re trying to follow your heart and soul to create what you were born to do in the world.

Our discussion also dove into exploring what living our dharma actually looks and feels like. Spoiler: it’s not necessarily what we think it is.

This hero’s journey (and living in our dharma) isn’t about finding fame and fortune, it’s about reclaiming the truth about who you really are, your dreams and bringing that gift to the world.

There’s only one of you..

WE only get one of you..

And… what a treasure you are!

A hero’s journey truly is a healing journey.

Jon reminds us that we don’t have to create the seed just the conditions for the seed to fully flourish.

Sometimes we create those conditions by stepping into a fire of contradiction..

Listen in for a soulful, deep conversation on what makes us come fully alive and the actual logistics of following your own “hero’s journey.”


June 21, 2018

The Hero’s Journey with Jon Marro (episode 93)

So often in the world of entrepreneurship, we hear the phrase..

“Speak your truth.”

But, what does that really mean?

In this week’s episode, we hear from Alexia Vernon who is a sought-after speaking and leadership coach for those who want to spread their ideas, positively impact people’s lives, grow their businesses, and advance their thought leadership.

Alexia shares her journey from being a shy 3rd grader with a headgear, terrified to speak in front of her class..

To delivering transformational keynotes and corporate trainings for Fortune 500 companies, college campuses, professional associations, the United Nations..

(and she is a TEDxWomen!)

Ask yourself the question, “What is the truth I am terrified to admit to myself..”

And then consider what might be the long-term, positive impact if you started speaking it to yourself with kindness and compassion..

And then speaking it to those in your life who could support you in being able to actually embody that truth in the world..

Maybe you have a dream for yourself..

For a business..

Not living in the city..

Whatever it is, you don’t have to make massive changes right now.

But if you want to get really clear about your truest desire..

Speak it to yourself..

And then speak it to those champions in your life who can help take your dreams and visions seriously..

And not let you off the hook.

And remember..

If you speak your truth from of a place of compassion..

And if you want your truth to move people to take positive action,

You need to ask yourself the question..

Is what I’m going to say in service of my higher good and in others’ higher good?

Powerful stuff, huh? 😉

There’s this and MORE in this week’s Joyful Living Podcast, episode 92 with Alexia Vernon.

Love to all,

Xoxo – Quinn

P.S. Alexia’s new book, Step into Your Moxie, just recently hit the market! Check it out here.

June 13, 2018

Speaking Your Truth with Alexia Vernon (episode 92)

Hello beautiful soul!

Can you believe it is already June?

I love the summertime. 🍉🚣‍☀🍹

It’s a great time to slow down and evaluate our year thus far..

To measure your goals and if you are on track to meet them.

It’s also a great time for some self reflection..

checking in with how your business is doing..

And even more importantly, how YOU are doing.

In this week’s podcast I share some personal insight I’ve gained as I’ve been growing my business this year In Flow + On Fire!

I’ve been ramping up for the massive business growth I can feel is coming, but not by working more..

Instead, by caring for my body more and working a little less.

Doesn’t that sound lovely!?

It is 😉

I’ve been able to do this by calling in support for my business and dreams..

Not trying to birth them alone “with the world against me.”

Tune in for some support in reaching your goals IN FLOW.

I believe the more self love we tune into…

subsequently creating healthy boundaries..

The more room we are creating for our business to grow and our dreams to come into reality.

Keep loving, keep dreaming, keep rocking, my soulful friends.

I’m here cheering you on!

Xoxo – Quinn

June 6, 2018

Reaching your goals in flow (episode 91)

Is it really possible to LOVE and feel really good in your own skin?


As a modern-day woman, it’s very likely you’ve struggled with loving your body.


Our quick-fix culture rushes to tell us how to ‘fix’ ourselves so we can avoid any possible discomfort, but this can often leave us feeling even more broken..


We struggle to believe that it’s possible to be powerful and driven while also staying soft, open-hearted and deeply connected to our femininity.


We exhaust ourselves in pursuit of the achieving success and creating a better reality for us, our loved ones, and the planet..


All to the tune of society telling us that our body is all wrong.


Sound familiar?


This week’s Joyful Living Podcast guest offers a GORGEOUS breath of fresh air and insight on how to overcome the hurdles most women struggle with relating to feeling good in their own skin and living delicious, beautiful lives..



Lisa Shrader, the Founder of Awakening Shakti, opens our minds as she explains that joy equals body + heart + soul pleasure.


In other words..


Joy is interwoven into body + heart + soul, or as Lisa refers to it, “the flower of life that creates the fragrance of joy.”

please embed this video into the latest podcast:


Stepping into our fullest joy is done when we are fully embodied..


As we embrace our femininity, rather than going to war with the parts of ourselves that we don’t like..


We can hold on to both our big goals and our present selves. Both can joyfully co-exist.


Joy happens in the body.


She reminds us that life is both brimming with ecstasy AND pain..


To say yes to all of life, to all of the pieces..


Of the blessing of having a body and all of its accompanying senses.


Lisa shares with us so gracefully the fruit of her own struggles with embodiment,


Loving her own body,


Not feeling like she was ever enough,


Work/life balance,


The disconnect with her own feminine..


And her journey to reclaiming herself..


All with an intention to point you back home within your heart..


And to help you experience more joy in and through your body and soul.

May 9, 2018

Feeling Joy Within Your Own Skin (episode 90 with Lisa Schrader

So here’s the deal..

I know you’re a good person in your heart, but you’re also imperfect, right? 

You still make mistakes, lose your cool sometimes..

I get it. 

YOU’RE HUMAN. And life gets messy. 

But what if there were a way for you to actually let go of the guilt about how you should “be a better person”… 

How you should be more loving, patient and kind, etc. 

What if there was a way to let that guilt go once and for all and instead step into a practice that actually will help your true, gorgeous, loving, peaceful self shine through more than ever?

Guess what..

You’re in luck. We’re human too, which is what makes this episode of Joyful Living so damn exciting..

So bring all of your messiness and let’s actually become better, one step at a time..

Ditching overwhelm and perfectionism and leaning into something that ACTUALLY WORKS.

Regardless of what religion or creed you follow, how would our worlds change if we all could actually make progress in becoming better people? 

This episode offers an approach that’s actually open and simple enough for kids to understand, but powerful enough to change your life.

It is absolutely life changing, paradigm shifting stuff, folks..

And I’ve been dying to share it with you!

So, I invited my new friend Greg to be a guest on my Joyful Living Podcast for this week’s episode, “Ancient Wisdom for Everyday Joy with Greg Marcus.”

I think the most gorgeous truth that Greg brings to light is that each of us possesses every “soul trait” that exists..

A soul trait being qualities like humility, truth, trust, enthusiasm, and so on.

As Greg puts it, “[Mussar] helps us find the things inside of us that cause us to get stuck…and to take mindful action in everyday life.”

How many times have you told yourself something like, “I just need to be MORE patient..?”

Have you ever considered that there is such a thing as too much patience?

How about, too much gratitude? 

And yes, even too much loving-kindness!

It’s all about balance, my beautiful friends, and Mussar offers clarity on how to take action to make changes in the parts of the soul that keep you from living more joyfully.

In this week’s episode, we discuss this along with the Four American Mussar assumptions..

including the assumption that says we all have a Divine Spark occluded by our baggage..

And how Mussar an bring more joy to situations like being stuck in traffic.

Intrigued yet?

Trust me, you don’t want to miss this one! 

Check it out here!

And there’s one more thing..

I’ve been so moved by this way to a more joyful way of living that I’ve teamed up with Greg to host a workshop series beginning May 9th at 1 pm PST.

Join our Facebook group to attend the workshop series where Greg and I will teach simple, soulful steps to amplify joy using ancient wisdom. 

I am overjoyed about how much this can and will change your life if you allow it to. 

I will see you there!

Cheering you on in your pursuit of more JOY + BALANCE, my friends.

xoxo Quinn

P.S. Check out to learn more about Greg Marcus and The American Mussar and click here to join the Facebook group where we will be hosting the “Everyday Joyful Living” workshop series. 

May 2, 2018

Ancient Wisdom for Everyday Joy with Guest Greg Marcus (Episode 89)

I haven’t spoken to this in a while but was feeling the need and desire to reach out to my fellow entrepreneurs that ask themselves the questions..

Is it possible to successfully grow my business AND have a thriving family life?

Let me assure you that the answer to these questions is a MASSIVE YES! 

And not only is it possible..

..but you can continually grow and thrive in BOTH, and I’m going to tell you how.

Sound good?

Listen in to this week’s episode, “Balancing Home + Business Like a Boss” for expert strategies and powerful breakthrough insights. 

April 25, 2018

Balancing Business + Home Like a Boss (Episode 88)

In this week’s Joyful Living Podcast episode, I explore the power in soulful branding and the transformation you can experience.

When you’re feeling stuck behind blocks that are keeping you from earning more, attracting more clients, and achieving greater success overall.

The problem is, you don’t know just how great you are!

You don’t feel like you have anything unique to offer. 

You keep getting lost in the everyday workings of your business and are missing the spark of passion, joy and fun.

Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr. spoke this message so beautifully when he said, 

“Many people die with their music still in them. Too often it is because they are always getting ready to live. Before they know it time runs out.”

Isn’t that gorgeous!?

I hope you enjoy all the yumminess in “Setting Your Song Free with Soulful Branding..

then get ready for some soulful digging and transforming of your own at my upcoming Soul Brand Camp!

Click here for details. 

April 18, 2018

Setting Your Song Free with Soulful Branding (episode 87)

Are you ready to take your business to the next level… but feel intimidated about how to grow it bigger without compromising your health, relationships or sanity?

Feeling a bit stuck in between worlds? Today’s special episode of the Joyful Living Podcast will rock your world!

Many believe that in order to be successful you have to be a Type A personality, work CRAZY-HARD, sacrifice time with your loved ones or eliminate all of your hobbies to work as many hours as is humanly possible.

YIKES… and yet… we’ve ALL been there. 😉 

Truly, this not only leads to massive burn-out… but it’s also just simply NOT TRUE!



Casey VanZandt, who is a total rockstar and a complete badass, joins me for today’s episode of the Joyful Living Podcast to offer some insight on how she became “the queen of work/life balance.”


Casey teaches purpose-driven entrepreneurs and burnt-out executives how to banish burnout and still achieve that same level of success without hurting yourself or putting your relationships and fun on the back burner. 


She calls this the “Mindful Hustle,” and she’s got some good news..


It is possible to create a MORE JOY + ALIVENESS alongside growing your business… even growing it MASSIVELY. 


When you can recognize where you allow stress in easily, you can learn how to manage that and stay at peace during the “in between” space of growing your business.


You deserve to show up for yourself, your energy space, the people around you, your family, your vendors etc. at 100% every day..


Protect your energy space and save that stress for the REAL stuff. 


Check out this week’s podcast for help finding the balance that you want and deserve.


Casey says, “Once you go balance, you never go back!”


Cheering you on and I KNOW you’ve got this!




P.S. Click here to learn more about the “Mindful Hustle.”

P.S.S. Casey has a FREE gift for you here!



About Casey VanZandt:

Casey is uber-committed to helping successful Entrepreneurs scale their businesses, banish burnout, and balance their work and life. She’s the queen of work-life balance and loves introducing balance to successful entrepreneurs lives. Once you go balance you never go back.

A Lil beat on Casey’s background, she climbed the corporate ladder for 13 years and was completely obsessed and addicted to her career. She’s an ex-corporate executive, and recovering workaholic turned balanced entrepreneur. She believes that when you experience new success, although no easy task, that is just one step of many and isn’t even always the hardest step. She helps successful entrepreneurs maintain their success and scale their businesses for the long haul, so they still like their business and want to show up for it 3, 5, 10, 20 years from now.

Her spirit animal is the sand dollar and has a collection of hundreds she’s found on her afternoon seashell adventures. She loves yoga pants, chapstick, has zero time for small talk and prefers deep convos w/ her soul sistahs, and is hands down obsessed with mushroom coffee + lions mane.  

Casey (@caseyvyoga) would love to connect with you on Instagram!



April 4, 2018

Mindful Hustle with Casey VanZandt (episode 86)

Ready to stop holding back and start playing bigger?


You may feel like you are having difficulty making the best decisions for your business and because of that you’re not moving forward..


Is it because you’re trying too hard to keep everyone happy? Are you setting clear enough boundaries? Are you too concerned about what people will think?


Here’s your solution: give yourself permission to follow what your heart and soul have been saying all along..



We want to get to a place where we can have a full healthy range of emotions. That is what ALIVENESS really is.


This will lead us out of “niceness,” which is superficial, self-sacrificing and toxic, and into “kindness,” which respects self and others.


Like a mother bear protecting her cubs, we are acting in kindness when we do what it takes to protect what is important to us..


For more insight on how to allow this shift of high vibe, love, and truth, and being fully alive, tune in to this week’s Joyful Living Podcast.


Cheering you on will all of my adoring heart!






March 29, 2018

Death of the “Nice Girl” (episode 85)

I have a little secret that I want to share with you…

Did you ever think that your current brand (or lack thereof) may actually be sabotaging your success 😧😬?

It’s pretty scary when we stop and think about it… but I am 100% not here to freak you out. Instead, I want to help make sure you’re not making these mistakes and unconsciously sabotaging your brand.

So, I put together a FREE cheatsheet for you with the key “5 Ways To Avoid Your Brand Sabotaging Your Success.”

You can get your free copy by simply clicking on the image above and the cheatsheet, as well as a few other powerful goodies, will be delivered to your inbox.

Pretty cool, right? Let’s get your Soul Brand on fire🔥 so you can rock the world 🌎

Your dreams matter. The world needs more of your genius.  
Let’s do it… 🙌🏻

p.s. After you’ve downloaded your “5 Ways to Avoid Brand Sabotage” cheatsheet, I’d love to hear your thoughts about it. Comment below or reply to my email and let’s chat.

March 27, 2018

5 Way to Avoid Brand Sabotage

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Find and fill your life with JOY. Tips, tricks, skills and shifts to create a life you love and bring your dreams to life. 

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