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Finding Joy in Everyday Moments // Special Guest Pam Baumeister (Episode 80)

This week I get to spend some time talking with my good friend Pam Baumeister who is seriously one of the most down-to-earth and joyful people I know. Pam and I have worked together in the past and have been both professional and personal friends for several years now.

Pam does a great job of putting things into PERSPECTIVE and being able to appreciate what we have. She points out that everyone has something to be grateful for – to be happy about. It’s so crucial that we stop every now and then and take inventory of the all of the things we have in our lives that truly bring us joy.

November 8, 2017

Joyful Living, Motherhood, Podcast

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Work Smart AND Find Joy // Special Guest Pam Wasley (Episode 79)

One of the things I most enjoyed in talking with this week’s Joyful Living podcast guest, Pam Wasley, is her willingness to discuss some of the trials and challenges she faced as she started her businesses. Too often, we only see the “pretty side” of the start-up process and don’t hear the “ugly.” But Pam has a unique view of the mistakes she’s made over the years – by sharing them, she can help those she mentors to avoid the same mistakes.

October 12, 2017

Business, Joyful Living, Podcast

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Persistence, Growth, and Possibility // Special Guest Adam Urbanski (Episode 78)

It’s one thing to see ads and articles touting the successful business owner making six-figures. It’s another thing to actually hear the story behind the success…the beginning stages, the real struggles that came up at each step of the process and the eventual life lessons that often pave the way for those that follow. That’s why I am so excited about this week’s podcast, where we get to hear more of the story behind the success of Adam Urbanski.

I love Adam’s willingness to share his story with us. Here is this highly successful businessperson who is humble enough to talk through some of the beginning steps he took that led him to where he is now. As he points out, it’s the grit and determination of those early stages of building a business that become the most important and valuable story.

October 4, 2017

Business, Podcast

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Small Moments of Pure Joy // Special Guest Molly Mahoney (Episode 77)

Molly’s thoughts reminded me so much of how important it is to tune in to what makes us happy every single day. It might be the way a piece of handmade felt feels in your fingers, the first sip of your favorite cup of coffee or the way the breeze hits you when you walk outside. It’s so easy to get caught up in trying to be a better mom or building your business to the next level or even living up to someone else’s definition of joy that we often overlook the simple moments of joy that are happening every single day.

September 20, 2017

Business, Joyful Living, Podcast

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Simplicity and Space // Special Guest Milana Leshinsky (Episode 76)

We all have a unique vision for the joyful life we want to create. Is our business in line with that vision? How often do we find ourselves in a position where the work we do is becoming more of a distraction or hindrance to achieving what we really want?

Milana is big on simplicity and she shares her thoughts on how we can all be more successful in business and in our personal lives by finding our “simplicity zone.” But she’s quick to point out that simplicity is different for everyone. This is where our own “super skills” come into play – the things that we are naturally good at, but don’t always recognize.

September 13, 2017

Business, Joyful Living, Living Inspired, Podcast

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Staying True to What You Really Enjoy // Special Guest Gavin Zuchlinski (Episode 75)

Anyone who has listened to the show regularly in the past will quickly realize why Gavin Zuchlinski is perfect for this audience. With so many of us trying our best to grow our businesses while balancing family, home and the many other pieces of life, it’s wonderful to hear from someone with a firm belief that work should be fun! 

September 7, 2017

Business, Inspired Business, Joyful Living, Podcast

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Freedom Beyond Stories // Special Guest Calli Lewis (Episode 74)

Oftentimes, we let fear or self-imposed limitations keep us from the abundance, joy, freedom, and love we desire. But, what would happen if we allowed ourselves to really explore those fears and limitations and maybe even to let them go?

You are brilliant, beautiful, and magnificent! So, don’t let the stories looming under the surface stop you from setting yourself free to be everything you are and to have what you truly want.

August 31, 2017

Dance + Dream, Joyful Living, Living Inspired, Motherhood, Podcast

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Soulful Creation (Episode 73)

You know you were born for something more. You can feel it inside of you. And yet, your everyday life may not seem to be mirroring that. You may even be feeling like your dreams are not going to come true, or maybe some have and it feels like they didn’t really change your life or how you feel about yourself like you thought they would. Maybe you’ve created lots of financial success or a smokin’ hot body, but still feel empty or like your relationships just aren’t thriving. OR maybe you’re holding back on creating what you really desire because you’re afraid it won’t really matter and make a difference. 

WHATEVER your story is about why you’re playing smaller or not really leaning in fully to JOY each and every day, today’s episode of the Joyful Living Podcast will support you in breaking free so you can follow your heart and soul and find more of what you’ve been looking for.

August 1, 2017

Business, In Flow + On Fire, Inspired Business, Joyful Living, Living Inspired, Podcast

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#1 Podcast for Self Improvement

Wow! Truly flattered and overjoyed to hear that Alysa Aeschbacher listed Joyful Living as the #1 podcast for Self Improvement! Humbled and truly grateful this passion project is making an impact all around the world: Ayssa is an America vlogger living in Zurich, Switzerland.

July 31, 2017

Joyful Living

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The Courage to be Intentional // Special Guest Nicole Holland (Episode 72)

Today, we talk about the importance and joy in being PRESENT IN THE MOMENT, we remember that it takes COURAGE to be intentional, and we take comfort in the reality that self-awareness is an ongoing journey.

As you go through the ups and downs in life, remember to ask yourself what’s really important to you. Be open and honest with yourself about how you want to run your life, your business, and your household.

July 26, 2017

Business, Inspired Business, Joyful Living, Living Inspired, Podcast

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