Receiving April Showers

When I listen to my heart + soul, I stay in flow. When I don’t, life feels overwhelming, complicated & frustrating.

As I was meditating a week ago, I felt inspired to set the intention for April of: APRIL SHOWERS that will bring MAY FLOWERS.


This was a powerful insight for me, especially as I’ve been leaning into finding my groove with creating in flow, rather than stress & force (as is so common in our world). As I’ve meditated more on this intention, I feel it’s time to really lean into the art + grace of receiving.

“But why should it be so easy, you might wonder. The challenge is not to try and force life to unfold according to our whims, but to grow in trust, wisdom, self-love and self-worth so that we become capable of surrender. The way is effortless, yet the journey to being able to surrender into the way is not always so effortless! We can make mountains out of mole hills unintentionally and so you are being asked to let go now, to relax and allow life to do what it does, which is flow.” – Alana Fairchild

And so I spread my arms out wide to receive the rain. I stand grounded and peaceful, tending my energy and grateful for the friendly and loving universe we exist within. Learning to trust and let go of fear. Walking courageously by faith. Ready to receive “April Showers” of joy, health, growth, and wholeness on all levels.

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