Attending Quinn’s Branding Workshop was seriously one of the most important decisions I have ever made. It changed me. Her vision and clarity of finding exactly who you are and communicating that through your brand is absolutely amazing. Her way of guiding you through the process puts you in touch with your heart and soul in a way that is priceless and powerful. A brand is not just a brand, it is you! I will absolutely attend another event with her and coach and learn from her as I continue on this journey of becoming more and more clear in my brand and having it be as authentic as it can be to who I am. She releases the pressures you might feel to follow others and allows you to open up to your true heart and spirit. I am so grateful to have found Quinn in this life journey that I am on. Her intuitiveness in branding in a very authentic way is truly a gift.

Alona Reynolds

Health Coach


You’re excited about creating your rock star brand! Your business partners, networking group, network marketing team, or other rock star associates are excited about creating theirs! Bring everyone together for a group Brand Workshop with Quinn.

Brand Workshops Include:

  • 4 hours of brand exploration and creative breakthrough
  • Each guest will receive a Rock Star Brand guidebook that includes Quinn’s best brand development strategies, along with a plan outline to move forward into creation
  • Group brand coaching and exercises to assist with breakthroughs
  • Time to get crystal clear and start building your Brand Board (images, colors, and textures that can be given to your designer to help them understand the direction to go with your design)

Contact us for pricing and availability.