joy-matters-dreams-sacred The Joyful Living Podcast is all about finding what makes you COME ALIVE, courageously + wholeheartedly leaning into joie de vivre (the joy of living). 

Joyful Living isn’t just something we find once we FINALLY lose those 20 pounds, make 6 figures or have a perfect marriage or kids. Joyful Living is a way of being; it’s a daily practice. It’s a way to carpe that diem and lean into the very best that lies within each of us and our lives.

Whatever you’re creating in life, whether it’s meaningful relationships, greater overall health, or a soulful business, there is joy. Listen  for powerful insights and a loving support network of other brilliant and beautiful souls to cheer you on in leaning into JOY.



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I LOVE LOVE LOVE your podcasts!!

Shantelle Cleverley

So I finally got around to listening to Quinn Curtis’ “Joyful Living” podcasts! And I just have to share… For anyone who has an interest in growing themselves mentally/emotionally, her show is one you definitely need to listen to. They’re filled with so much wisdom and positivity, and it’s helped re-inspire me to work towards choosing a positive outlook every day! Thank you for sharing!

Lindsey Fillman

Quinn, you have changed my life for the better. Thank you SO much for following your dreams. Your words bring excitement and adventure back into my life and help me to see the joy all around me. I have been making my way through your podcasts and I just wanted to tell you thank you for creating!

Brittany Lund

Finding Healing + Deepening JOY // Special Guest Tiffany Garvin (Episode 60)

If you’ve ever found yourself surprised by your reactions to things happening in your life or if you’ve ever felt like you just can’t seem to get your head above the water (or at least not for very long), today’s episode of Joyful Living is for you! Special guest, Tiffany Garvin, joins us with some powerful strategies and insights on how to find greater healing in our bodies, minds and spirits to expand our capacity to live more alive and in JOY.

Return to Aliveness (Episode 59)

How is your energy level right now? So often we’re simply going through the motions in our everyday lives, but when we stop for a moment, we notice we feel tired, uninspired, and even bored. It’s easy to brush this off as “normal” or to believe that “this is just what life looks like,” but the truth is that this is all symptoms of being out of ALIVENESS.

Living Joyfully AMPLIFIED // Special Guests: Thaís Sky + Bri Seeley (Episode 58)

In a day when more and more women are owning their Truth and creating with greater intention, we face some fascinating dynamics and struggles in remaining authentically in joy. With social media it’s become even easier to compare ourselves and what we’re creating with everyone else while all to often ending up feeling like we’re lacking. These vicious cycles can cramp our creativity and limit our brilliance and genius being expressed in the world. Thaís Sky and Bri Seeley join us today on Joyful Living to discuss how to remain firmly rooted in our own flavor of joy, while also finding greater joy in coming together as women.

SAVOR Joy (Episode 57)

How do we experience joy when life situations are INTENSE + UNCOMFORTABLE… even painful? If the heat has been turned up on your life lately, find solace here because today I’m sharing some powerful insights and simple practices to support increasing your JOY NOW (regardless of what’s happening in your world).

Intuitive Business, Visibility + Activation // Special Guest Joanna Turner (Episode 56)

If your heart has been calling to you to create something big + brilliant and maybe you are considering starting a business or wanting to take your existing business to the next level, this powerful episode of Joyful Living is for you! Joanna Turner joins us to dish on the importance of following our intuition in all aspects of our lives and businesses, as well as leaning into ENJOYING in the process of creating.

Fabulocity: Joy in Marketing + LIFE // Special Guest: Rebecca Rubin (Episode 55)

It’s easy to devalue all we have to offer the world. It’s even easier to tell ourselves that while our dreams aren’t being realized today, we’ll get there eventually. And then the years just keep rolling by. Life continues moving forward, not stopping for us to have a chance to shift and get ahead. Sometimes to really get into the life work that’s been calling us from our heart and soul, we get to make BIG + COURAGEOUS shifts. And sometimes (most of the time) not everyone in our world will understand or cheer us on.

Shifting from Fear to LOVE (Episode 54)

One of the most life-changing concepts to understand is that our stories determine our reality. The stories we tell ourselves about the situations we find ourselves in as well as our stories about our relationships and every other part of our lives create the lens that we perceive everything through. When we understand the power of our stories, we recognize our power to CHANGE them when they are not supporting the reality we desire to experience.

Choosing JOY (Episode 53)

The art and practice of living joyfully requires one crucial element: CHOICE. There is nothing that kills joy faster than believing we are not at choice, especially in how to respond to our life circumstances. In today’s episode of “Joyful Living” we dive in to choosing joy in all areas of our lives and what this actually looks like (the good, the bad, and the ugly). One of the powerful principles we bring as our ally in this conversation is that a miracle truly is a shift in perception. Our perceptions frame our reality, our experiences and even our daily joy. So what happens when life is messy or it feels impossible to choose joy?

Your Joyful Living podcasts have been such a blessing in my life. Any free time I have been able to carve out for myself — on a plane, in a car, on a rare walk alone — I have eagerly looked forward to and savored these hours with you (and sometimes a guest) and always, always have finished with such powerful take-aways — usually exactly what I needed to hear that day. I am deeply grateful for all that you share in the world. Don’t ever stop — you have something very, very special inside to share with this world, and I, for one, cherish it profoundly.

Kate Garland

I love these podcasts they are all so inspiring and touch my life in so so many ways, Quinn Curtis! Blessings to you!!

Tomasita Richardson