joy-matters-dreams-sacred The Joyful Living Podcast is all about finding what makes you COME ALIVE, courageously + wholeheartedly leaning into joie de vivre (the joy of living). 

Joyful Living isn’t just something we find once we FINALLY lose those 20 pounds, make 6 figures or have a perfect marriage or kids. Joyful Living is a way of being; it’s a daily practice. It’s a way to carpe that diem and lean into the very best that lies within each of us and our lives.

Whatever you’re creating in life, whether it’s meaningful relationships, greater overall health, or a soulful business, there is joy. Listen  for powerful insights and a loving support network of other brilliant and beautiful souls to cheer you on in leaning into JOY.



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I LOVE LOVE LOVE your podcasts!!

Shantelle Cleverley

So I finally got around to listening to Quinn Curtis’ “Joyful Living” podcasts! And I just have to share… For anyone who has an interest in growing themselves mentally/emotionally, her show is one you definitely need to listen to. They’re filled with so much wisdom and positivity, and it’s helped re-inspire me to work towards choosing a positive outlook every day! Thank you for sharing!

Lindsey Fillman

Quinn, you have changed my life for the better. Thank you SO much for following your dreams. Your words bring excitement and adventure back into my life and help me to see the joy all around me. I have been making my way through your podcasts and I just wanted to tell you thank you for creating!

Brittany Lund

Sharing Stories and Finding Joy // Special Guest Sabrina Must (Episode 69) DownloadWhen it comes to living joyfully, when is the last time you really pushed yourself outside of your comfort zone, challenged yourself, or explored new ways of finding or creating joy?  We all have our go-to answers for what brings us joy in life, but when we limit ourselves to what’s comfortable and familiar, we risk missing out on experiences that will help us learn, grow, and experience more joy. Sabrina Must is an inspiring writer and entrepreneur who shares stories of her life –the ups, the downs, and everything in between – and inspires others to do the same. She believes in taking adventures, being intentional about pursuing the things that align with your own unique flavor of joy, and loving and learning as you go. At age 21, Sabrina’s world was turned upside down when her sister committed suicide. She found herself in the darkest of places, with a level of grief that seemed impossible to overcome. She found herself turning to writing as a way to navigate through her emotions, and discovered that, as she allowed herself to express her own feelings and her own journey, her life became enriched and expanded in unexpected ways. Sabrina has since written two books – “Must Girls Love,” and “Living Witnesses: Faces of the Holocaust and Triumph Over Tragedy.” Through these books and her blog, she continues to share her love of writing and her passion for sharing and connecting through the journey of life. As you listen to this episode, you can’t help but feel a sense of freedom and inspiration to self-evaluate, reach for new heights,...

Everyday Joy When Life Gets Messy (Episode 68) DownloadIn any given moment, it can feel like things are falling apart, coming together, and changing. And, while life looks a little messy and I feel myself continue to adapt and adjust to the present flow in my world, I feel compelled to pause and come share with you some of the things I have learned and principles that I believe help us rise to the occasion of whatever our individual path looks like. An interesting thing happens in the creation process of heart and soul projects… we start to believe that when we FINALLY reach that finish line, everything will be okay. And yet, it’s when we attach to an outcome or result, that’s when our present moment becomes uncomfortable and insufficient. The beautiful reality is that it’s totally okay that things are coming together AND falling apart at any given time! Honor that those feelings can – and usually do – exist at the same time MOST of the time in life, and you will feel free from the pressure of finish lines and expectations. In order to really live joyfully in the present moment, recognize that when you are creating big, heartfelt, soulful things, the process is both MIRACULOUS AND MESSY! As we allow ourselves to LOVE WHAT IS throughout every season, we are able to let go of the attachment to things falling apart or coming together and what that finish line might be, things really do work out in the right timing and flow. p.s. Stay inspired to live in greater JOY everyday by subscribing to the Joyful Living Podcast in iTunes, Stitcher, or iHeartRadio. Excited to cheer...

Authenticity and Living By Design // Special Guest Kamila Gornia (Episode 67)

Do you live with an intention to CREATE a life you love? Or you do, like so many of us, feel lost in the decisions and responsibilities that you encounter each day?

Our guest today, Kamila Gornia, is a business and marketing coach with a passion for helping entrepreneurs discover their own unique voice and gain the confidence and tools for sharing it with the world.

Kamila breaks down the top 3 things that make up her unique flavor of joyful living – FUN, SELF-EXPRESSION, and FREEDOM – and shares her perspective on how taking off those masks we wear and stepping into our own truth is a vital piece of designing a successful and joyful life.

In Flow + On Fire (Episode 66)

Do you feel the call of a dream or idea that you long to bring to life? Are there desires and strengths that you feel you were born to create and share? Building those desires of the heart and soul and bringing them into realization is a miraculous journey to embark on. My desire is to help others create and bring their heart and soul projects to life while living IN FLOW and ON FIRE.

Living Inspired On and Off the Yoga Mat // Special Guest: Crystal Gray (Episode 65)

Joyful living doesn’t just happen overnight and it’s not a destination to reach. Living joyfully is a practice and a way of not just rushing through, but truly experiencing life. Crystal Gray joins us to tell us about her joyful living journey and share with us her insight on finding inspiration, being guided by intuition, and truly living with joy.

Taking Life-Changing Action (Episode 63)

Why is it so dang hard to take life-changing action? Sometimes it’s just too easy to completely freeze or to go for the easy way out when we know the next steps could bring so much joy, abundance, relief and success… believe me, I know!

Letting Go of All that Limits Us // Special Guest Calli Lewis (Episode 61)

Kicking this off today, Calli joins us to discuss what it really means to live in alignment and flow, especially when fear and anxiety shows up. Calli shows us how to make peace with the triggers in our lives, especially to experience a more empowered and peaceful response. Through some really powerful parables and stories we discuss how much power we give to forces outside of us and how this shifts everything. By opening our eyes to this, it supports us in living less in force/struggle and living more in flow and joy.

Finding Healing + Deepening JOY // Special Guest Tiffany Garvin (Episode 60)

If you’ve ever found yourself surprised by your reactions to things happening in your life or if you’ve ever felt like you just can’t seem to get your head above the water (or at least not for very long), today’s episode of Joyful Living is for you! Special guest, Tiffany Garvin, joins us with some powerful strategies and insights on how to find greater healing in our bodies, minds and spirits to expand our capacity to live more alive and in JOY.

Your Joyful Living podcasts have been such a blessing in my life. Any free time I have been able to carve out for myself — on a plane, in a car, on a rare walk alone — I have eagerly looked forward to and savored these hours with you (and sometimes a guest) and always, always have finished with such powerful take-aways — usually exactly what I needed to hear that day. I am deeply grateful for all that you share in the world. Don’t ever stop — you have something very, very special inside to share with this world, and I, for one, cherish it profoundly.

Kate Garland

I love these podcasts they are all so inspiring and touch my life in so so many ways, Quinn Curtis! Blessings to you!!

Tomasita Richardson