Joyful Living is so much more than simply being “happy.” Happiness can be fleeting, but joy is rich and deep. Joy can survive, regardless of our life’s circumstances. Joy makes our hearts buoyant, able to stay on top of the water, no matter the waves and struggles that come. The desire for Joyful Living enters you on the quest of a lifetime. Each day we are given the choice to live in joy or to live in fear (anxiety, stress, sadness, depression, overwhelm, loneliness, etc.).

Understanding Quinn’s 5 Pillars of Joyful Living will support your ability to live in joy daily. You can have more joy today, but Joyful Living is like a muscle that needs to be exercised to get stronger. The more you apply these 5 Pillars into your life, the greater your capacity for lasting, daily joy.


1. Love is your daily reality

Love isn’t just a nice idea. You actually eat, breathe, and live in it. A powerful analogy says that we are like fish and God’s love is the water. It’s all around us. However, most of us live in total denial that love is our reality. We misunderstand who God is and what life is all about. The truth is that we were created for JOY. The quest for daily joy means stepping fully into love. Letting go of everything within us that is blocking us from experiencing love. Choosing love in all things.

2. Healthy Emotional Processing

We are emotional beings. However, many of us live in a state I call “emotional constipation.” We’re still struggling to digest painful parts in our life and so we experience all the pain, anxiety, and struggle of emotional constipation. Joyful Living requires healthy emotional digestion. This process isn’t difficult, but it relies on our willingness to detach our worth from anything but God/love. Healthy emotional digestion looks like releasing pain, allowing Truth to nourish us and help us come into greater alignment with who we Truly are (in all our brilliance and beauty).

Want to learn more about Healthy Emotional Processing? Watch Quinn’s presentation HERE.

3. Wholehearted Relationships

Why is it that we are often triggered the most by our children and spouse? How about our parents and siblings? Joyful Living is about understanding the purpose of these triggers and allowing them to transform us. It’s about putting your most important relationships as your top priority and setting your daily/weekly rhythms and schedules to support those relationships flourishing. It’s about being authentic and truly present in your relationships, especially the relationships with those who meant the most to you.

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4. Engaged in the Meaningful

Each of our soul’s yearns to create something meaningful. We are creative at heart, regardless of any tremendous artistic ability. The most meaningful work we will ever do in life is that of strengthening and deepening our relationships with those who mean the most to us. In flow with this, many of us also feel inspired to create something tangible, whether it be writing that book, starting that business, or painting that masterpiece. Whatever it may be, Joyful Living is all about hearing your heart’s call and answering it. It’s about doing things for the joy of it.

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5. Nourishing Health

The quest for Joyful Living lies on the foundation of nourishing the body with live nutrition, restful sleep, and daily play. It’s about bringing more light into your body and thus into your life. Joyful Living thrives with daily rhythms of health. It requires listening to what our bodies really need to be well. It’s about shedding the weight that’s weighing us down. It’s about living in greater alignment with the divinity within you. It’s about letting your light shine.

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