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Discover + Love the Goddess Within Your BODY

Found this treasure of an insight in my reading today & it resounded so strongly with my heart. So often I’ve thought my inner goddess/divine spark/divinity/etc. were something deep in my spirit that needed to come more into my body. Now I’m finding the goddess was there all along within my body.

Little Drops of Sunshine

Today my daughters & I all made these lovely, custom essential oil rollerbottles. Norah’s looked like sunshine with all of the calendula petals she put in it. Best of all: SHE LOVES IT + it supports her mental/emotional health on a very deep level.

Joy + Self-Nourishment

Finally finding joy today through some self-nourishment. Today hasn’t been an easy day. My daughter (who likely will be diagnosed with sensory processing disorder soon) has had a rough day.