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Living Inspired On and Off the Yoga Mat // Special Guest: Crystal Gray (Episode 65)

Joyful living doesn’t just happen overnight and it’s not a destination to reach. Living joyfully is a practice and a way of not just rushing through, but truly experiencing life. Crystal Gray joins us to tell us about her joyful living journey and share with us her insight on finding inspiration, being guided by intuition, and truly living with joy.

Alchemy + Joy

Making some custom Joy Blends for beautiful souls. I love the alchemy of bringing pure essential oils + flowers + gemstones together into blends that support JOYFUL HEALTH + WHOLENESS. I’d love to make one for you or empower you to know how to make your own! They are so affordable and there’s so many emotional + physical health benefits involved. Click HERE to learn more about my JOY...

April Showers Essential Oil Blend

Grateful for flow this morning. I felt inspired to make some lovely changes to my website + create this special “April Showers” blend to support continuing to move forward in flow.

Receiving April Showers

When I listen to my heart + soul, I stay in flow. When I don’t, life feels overwhelming, complicated & frustrating.

As I was meditating a week ago, I felt inspired to set the intention for April of: APRIL SHOWERS that will bring MAY FLOWERS.

Courage to Hear + Follow the Heart

“The most dangerous road you can go down is from the head to the heart.” from Ben Lee’s (@benleemusic) incredible song “Don’t Let the Fire Die”

Over the past few years I’ve been leaning into listening to my heart & following it more than ever before. That sounds annoyingly cliche, but it’s absolutely true.

Inspired Joy Essential Oil Blend

Listened to what my mind/body/soul need right now & this lovely blend was born. It has Amazonite + Garnet stones, rose petals, and arborvitae + lime essential oils. It’s a truly heavenly blend that I can’t get enough of.

Alive in Joy + Love Essential Oil Blend

Felt inspired to create this special blend for myself today. All about supporting feeling ALIVE IN JOY + LOVE. Used Ginger essential oil, AromaTouch essential oil blend, as well as calendula, rose & lavender flowers. In the bottom are some amethyst & tiger’s eye stones. LOTS of love in this little bottle. I’m so excited to use it now!

Beet LOVE + Why They’re Awesome

When I was little I always was horrified to see canned beets on the table. How could God invent such a disgusting vegetable? And why were my parents so insistent that I eat that poison? I never could have predicted then that beets would become one of my absolute FAVORITE vegetables now. It’s funny how growing up changes our perspective on certain things (though I still don’t love canned beets like I love fresh beets…).

Immune Support with Essential Oils

After a weekend of not feeling fantastic and having an annoying cough I haven’t been able to shake, I cooked up this lovely syrup this morning with my essential oils. Time to bring out the BIG GUNS and get feeling better right away!

Love in a Bottle

Each of these little bottles is so special & filled with love! My girls each made their own custom blends of essentials oils, flower petals & gemstones. Their blends have become a treasure for each of them. I love how much we can do with essential oils, especially for mental/emotional support. Whenever my girls roll their blend on, they feel the...