Inspired Business is more than just a business with an inspired idea. Inspired Businesses energize us, fuel us, and support us living in greater alignment with the brilliance and beauty within us. Inspired Businesses enhance our experience with life. They increase our joy and fuel us to bring the very best of ourselves to our relationships with those who matter most to us (our families).

Understanding Quinn’s 5 Pillars of Inspired Business will support you bringing your existing business into greater alignment, or if you are considering starting a business, the 5 Pillars will help you set yourself up for success.


1. Authentic

Inspired Businesses sing with authenticity. They feel really good to the entrepreneur who created them and to those the business serves. Personal branding is often a powerful tool to support authenticity. Inspired Business is all about being beautifully you and sharing beauty + brilliance with the world.

Check out Quinn’s Branding section to learn more about how to bring more authenticity into your Inspired Business with her powerful tools and resources.

2. Flow (vs. Force)

Inspired Business is founded on the principles of Essentialism (insert link to book on Amazon), doing only that which you and only you can do. It’s about simplifying your business so that it’s actually profitable and deeply energizing. It’s setting aside any need to force things into creation and instead allow for the natural creation process to unfold. To create in flow, it requires deep trust in your Creator and the Universe supporting your creation. When we don’t trust, we force. When we trust, we follow our inspiration and stay in flow. This keeps our business and home life in balance, while allowing us to create from a space of peace and joy (rather than anxiety and stress). Suddenly our businesses become WAY more fun and we experience greater success than we thought ever was possible.

3. Feeds Your Soul (not your Ego)

Our beautiful Inspired Businesses start with such noble beginnings. We want to make the world a better place. We want to add beauty to the world. Then, we actually get going and it starts to feel like a rat race. We can get lost in the whirlwind of “growing our egos” when we were trying to grow a business. Inspired Businesses feed our souls without feeding our egos. Whenever Ego is running the game, our businesses will feel stressful, either when we’re working in them or they will stress out the other areas of our life (gut check: does your family love you doing your business? If not, Ego has likely snuck through the open door). However, when our Soul is running our business, it stays in harmony with the other areas of our life. This makes it so any time spent in our businesses actually energizes us to bring our best self into every other area of our lives (especially our families). Inspired Business is all about putting your Soul in the driver’s seat, which requires us to remember that our worth is unchanging and independent of whatever is happening in our business. In this there is immense power and peace.

4. Meaningful Work

Inspired Businesses make the world a better place. This means they bring greater love, peace, and harmony to the planet. However, it’s important to note that we can’t have businesses that give what we don’t have. If your life isn’t one of love, peace, and harmony, it doesn’t matter what your motive is with your business. Meaningful work is born of meaningful lives. Meaningful Work is creative and energizing. Meaningful Work leaves people’s lives better than when you found them. It’s about living in high integrity with why you are doing what you are doing and refusing to get sidetracked by shiny objects. It’s about doing what you feel called to do to leave a positive mark on the world.

5. Fuels Your Dreams

Inspired Businesses aren’t “businesses for the sake of business.” This is not about finding a new distraction to keep you from living the life you really desire. Inspired Business has absolutely no connection to workaholism. Inspired Businesses work hand-in-hand with our dreams to create a life we love waking up to. At this time, one of the greatest ways Inspired Businesses can support our dreams is by accessing the power of residual income.