Immune Support with Essential Oils

After a weekend of not feeling fantastic and having an annoying cough I haven’t been able to shake, I cooked up this lovely syrup this morning with my essential oils. Time to bring out the BIG GUNS and get feeling better right away!


Before we go any further, it’s important to note that NOT ALL ESSENTIAL OILS ARE SAFE FOR INTERNAL USAGE. In fact, MOST aren’t. The brand our family uses and trusts is the only one I would EVER use internally (email me to learn more).

With my immune system compromised, I knew I needed some powerful support to feel better as quickly as possible. As mothers, we just don’t have time to be sick. I think we’ve all wished for a clone of ourselves so we could take the day off, but since that doesn’t exist yet…. here we are.

While I can’t give you the full recipe (it’s a top secret one from a friend of mine that I’ve sworn to keep secret, though she does allow me to give the recipe to my customers – yay!), I can tell you some of the natural ingredients included to give you an idea of what’s possible to support your immune system:

  • Raw honey (use local if possible)
  • Coconut water
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • Essential oils: lemon, orange, lime, bergamot, clove, thyme, eucalyptus, clary sage, chamomile, rosemary, cinnamon, oregano, frankincense, black pepper, fennel

I’m drinking 2 tablespoons every 1-2 hours and am already feeling MUCH better.

Feeling SO grateful for essential oils in my life today (& always)!

p.s. If you haven’t tried essential oils yet and/or want to experience the highest quality essential oils on the market, please email me so I can get you more info and send you some samples.

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