Galway / Dublin Ireland

This afternoon + evening was spent enjoying the fabulous city of Galway. I love the vibe here! SUCH a fun place!


This is our FAVORITE place to eat in Galway: the PIE MAKER. Absolutely amazing!!!


Beef + Guinness Pie is my absolute favorite thing to eat in Ireland. YUM.


Check out the dessert pies!!! Goodness!!


Magical streets of Galway.


Monolithic 5000 year old tomb in the Burren. WOW.


Irish church and high crosses


We have eaten SOOOOOO good here in Ireland!!! OH HAPPY DAYS!! This was a yummy goat cheese tart that Kelly ordered at the pub. Wow.


Wee bit o’ fudge, anyone? Savored this choice selection of Oreo and raspberry fudge from the Burren. HEAVEN.


Cliffs of Moher – aka “cliffs of INSANITY!!!” from Princess Bride. These cliffs stole my heart!!


Another epic view of the “Cliffs of Moher.” Can you believe the greens & how LUSH the ocean water is? Looks so surreal! Took my breath away!


My soul sang as we experienced the Cliffs of Moher today. The fresh, salty ocean wind swirling all around us, the sweet Irish rain making everything more fresh and alive, and the gulls gently floating up along the cliffs and down over the tossing waves… it all took my breath away. Experiencing Ireland has been a dream of mine for such a long time because my soul has been yearning to reconnect with the homelands of my ancestors. It’s felt so important to understand my roots. This trip has been so healing and strengthening. My heart is so full of gratitude. It’s been an absolute dream come true. Especially grateful for my family at home making this possible and for Kelly for sparking making this dream a reality. Humbled and so very grateful. There aren’t enough words to describe the depths of my gratitude.


Sweet little castle at the top of the Cliffs of Moher. Would be a windy and wet spot to stay for awhile.


My favorite castle in Ireland!


Pretty sure there are fairies living under this bridge (the nice ones, hopefully… trying to avoid the ones that steal your babies and wreak havoc with your life).


I LOVE YOU, IRELAND. You will always be in my heart. Deeply grateful for this incredible experience and already dreaming up when I can come back, bringing my family with me next time. WOW.


Our last day in Ireland was spent training a wonderful group of wellness advocates on ways to grow their residual income with essential oils. I am sooooo passionate about helping people to set themselves free in their health and their finances and love how my favorite essential oil company is such a powerful vehicle for this to be a reality. Trained this lovely group on some rock star branding & marketing strategies, focusing on how to bring more of their love, joy and brilliance into their businesses. It was a blast! SO MUCH LOVE to all of you who attended today!



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