Courage to Hear + Follow the Heart

“The most dangerous road you can go down is from the head to the heart.” from Ben Lee’s (@benleemusic) incredible song “Don’t Let the Fire Die”

Over the past few years I’ve been leaning into listening to my heart & following it more than ever before. That sounds annoyingly cliche, but it’s absolutely true.

It’s truly humbling to recognize just how much struggle & pain over the years has come from silencing or ignoring my heart. As I’ve coached & worked with so many other women over the years in emotional healing work, I see a VERY similar struggle. I’m convinced this is the primary struggle for many of us. When we listen to our hearts it brings us home into our bodies. We’re literally in touch with our souls. We step out of the circus of the brain’s distraction & our temptation to be identified by what is going on in our brains.
To become a student of our own heart is to come alive + be set free. . . .

I wish I knew who to credit for this incredible image. Please let me know if you know of the artist.

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