The Power to Choose a Life You Love // Special Guest Jessica Yarbrough (Episode 71)

Join me this week as I dive into all things joyful with Jessica Yarbrough!

For Jessica, joyful living is being able to make the choices that are best for her and her family.

There is such freedom in the power of CHOICE. We are faced with decisions and opportunities all the time. Do we choose to invest in ourselves? Do we choose to take those leaps of faith and really recognize and live according to our true worth?



As women, we often put our own needs on the back burner. We can find ourselves held back by the limiting belief that we must wait until our children are grown or until the needs of others are met before working towards our own dreams. Sound familiar?

In reality, you can be an AMAZING mother, spouse, partner, or friend AND totally crush it with your business or career! It’s not only possible to do both, it’s a choice that each and every one of us can make!

Jessica reminds us that, “You are the only person standing in your way.”



So, what gifts, talents, skills, and ideas are you holding back?

CHOOSE  to RISE UP, own your gifts, and create the life of your dreams! And, when you step into your power, you’ll not only create a life you love, but you’ll inspire others to do the same.



Jessica Yarbrough, “The Mompreneur Coach,” is a successful entrepreneur, marketing strategist, and business coach. She helps women create high end coaching programs so they can easily make 5 figures a month without working more than 20 hours a week.

Her expertise includes being an accomplished branding, strategy, and digital marketing expert. She brings more than a decade of marketing experience to her coaching programs. As a single mother, her mission is to support women with the tools, tactics, and resources to build a 6 figure business they can run from home.

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Choosing JOY (Episode 53)

The art and practice of living joyfully requires one crucial element: CHOICE. There is nothing that kills joy faster than believing we are not at choice, especially in how to respond to our life circumstances. In today’s episode of “Joyful Living” we dive in to choosing joy in all areas of our lives and what this actually looks like (the good, the bad, and the ugly). One of the powerful principles we bring as our ally in this conversation is that a miracle truly is a shift in perception. Our perceptions frame our reality, our experiences and even our daily joy. So what happens when life is messy or it feels impossible to choose joy?

“A miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love.” – Marianne Williamson


Listen in to explore how “joyful living” really means ALIVENESS. And this aliveness comes from FEELING – not just the happy feelings, but the entire range of our human experience. It’s so important that we embrace our emotions as teachers, rather than resisting/repressing them or even taking them on as our identity. We are NOT our emotions. But feeling our emotions and knowing how to work with them — to hear and see them — can create great freedom and empowerment in our daily lives.

We likened the conversation of joyful living to this famous quote by Patrick Henry, “give me liberty or give me death.”  True liberty is being at choice. By being at choice it opens our world to a greater capacity for joy and transformation. There is deep + boundless liberty in CHOOSING JOY.

But it’s not always easy to choose joy. Listen in to uncover some simple strategies and perception shifts that can release us from the prisons of expectations, shoulds and regrets. Instead, we can courageously + wholeheartedly choose joy now.

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Powerful Parenting + Joyful Homes // Special Guest Nicholeen Peck (Episode 31)

At a time in my life last fall when I was feeling bright with hope for my future, I was also feeling incredibly overwhelmed about my life at home. I worried about how our family could reach some of our goals when our home life felt so draining and exhausting. Honestly, it often felt like chaos. At this moment of feeling unsure of where to turn to bring things into greater order at our home, Nicholeen Peck’s book Parenting: A House United came into my life, with the promise of it being able to bring greater order and peace to my home.


Joy in Being True to the Song Within Your Heart – Special Guest Mindy Gledhill (Episode 24)

Over the years it’s been inspiring to witness the evolution and blossoming of the beautiful, talented Mindy Gledhill, Indie singer and songwriter. Her courage and audacity to truly sing the song of her heart to the world with unabashed abandon over all these years has inspired me, as well as countless others.

In today’s episode of Joyful Living, Mindy joins us to discuss the real, everyday struggles and joys of living our truth… and even singing it out loud for the world to hear.  (more…)

Bringing Joy Back to Childhood with Waldorf Education – Special Guest Emily Merchant (Episode 23)

We talk a lot about living more joyfully as adults on the Joyful Living Podcast, but what about helping our children lean into joy also? One of the major aspects that drew me into loving Waldorf Education was how it creates the perfect environment for children to lean into the joy of childhood and the joy of learning.

Regardless of whether you love this educational philosophy, have never heard of it, plan on using it (or not), this episode is packed with so many powerful principles and proven strategies to support creating more joy in your home and family.

Our special guest for this awesome episode is Emily Merchant, Executive Director for Wasatch Charter School, the first public Waldorf-methods school to open in Utah.  (more…)

Joyful Relationships with Food, Our Bodies, & Life with Melissa Chappell (Episode 18)

It seems like so many of us women struggle with having healthy relationships with food, our bodies and life itself. All of these struggles block and inhibit our joy. One of the very first women who showed me what true joy in all of these areas could look like was Melissa Chappell. It blew my mind that anyone could bring so much love and joy to food and the everyday adventure of life itself!

Listen in to this powerful show where Melissa shares her heartfelt insights on how to create healthy, thriving relationships with food and our bodies to open us up to greater everyday JOY.  (more…)