Stop Drowning: Get IN FLOW + ON FIRE

Do you ever feel like you’re DROWNING in life and business? This drowning feeling is what I would define as a lack of FLOW + FIRE.

There are high costs to not living in our zone of flow + fire.

Without FLOW in our life and businesses, we BURN OUT. We not only burn ourselves out by compromising our health and relationships, but we also burn out our opportunities. It can feel like NOTHING will ever work or that no matter what you do your dreams will never fully be realized. You can get stuck in the two steps forward, one BIG step backward dance, never seeming to get to where we want to go. We may be making money, but we’re too exhausted and time is too scarce to actually enjoy it. We feel like we’re barely keeping our heads above the water. We know we need to let something go, but we feel like if we do, the results could be disastrous.

Without FIRE in our life and businesses, we get stuck in routine and monotony. Our work loses meaning. We just go through the motions. Sure, we’re making money, but it’s not by doing work that is meaningful to us. Things feel a bit bored. Our work seems easy enough, but we seem to feel less energy than ever before. Anytime our heart starts to mention some ideas on how to find our fire, we’re afraid to listen. We feel anxious about letting go of the current level of stability, sensing that following our hearts could be dangerously reckless.

How do I know this? Because I’ve been there. I’ve lived without flow and fire in my life and business. IT SUCKS. Literally. It sucks the life right out of you. It sucks years of enjoying your loved ones away from you. It sucks all the joy out of our everyday lives.

If you find yourself dancing in any of these zones, it’s time to learn how to live IN FLOW + ON FIRE. Truly, learning this could be the most epic and fulfilling discovery of your entire life.

“Monsters are real, ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win.” – Stephen King

Don’t let the monsters and ghosts within you win. The ones that tell you “living in flow + on fire” is impossible and not meant for you. The ones that whisper how you’ve failed before and how no one wants what you have to offer. The ones that are sure you don’t have enough time, money or energy to change your life.

Their lies will no longer have power over your dreams as soon as you decide to stop listening to them. xoxo

Why You NEED to Grow Your Business IN FLOW + ON FIRE

It’s time! I’m so overjoyed + excited to share with you some of my deepest passions in life: living in flow + on fire.

What is living in flow? Your flow = a life in harmony; sustainable, meaningful work and relationships; grow in flow.

What is living on fire? Your fire = your zone of genius + passion; your unique song to sing; your JOY.

When you are in your zone of flow + fire, you become absolutely magnetic! Why? Because this is the space where JOY lives! Joy is absolutely magnetic. Joyful living is also what our souls are all craving.

Over the years I have helped many passionate entrepreneurs and soul-filled businesses to find their fire and communicate it to the world through irresistible branding (my clients say I have the “Midas Touch”). It’s been an absolute passion project that lights me up!

My soul branding work has evolved significantly into soul midwifery. It is my greatest joy to help souls see and experience their Divine Spark and bring it forth in greater degrees into this world.

Over the past year I’ve applied and learned more powerful and potent ways to support those I work with to let go of all that is blocking their inner light from shining through and igniting their business and life into a bonfire. I deeply understand the repetitive patterns that keep us stuck and how to shift them so we’re FREE to come alive and live from our heart and souls.

In Flow + On Fire is a passion project my soul has been craving offering for a LONG time. It’s all about discovering and fanning the flames on your Divine Spark, while also supporting your dreams to come true more harmoniously by getting IN FLOW.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing more about the power of living IN FLOW + ON FIRE because I BELIEVE IN YOUR DREAMS. I know your joy matters. I know you were created for so much more. I know that if you align with your zone of flow + fire it will make you absolutely magnetic. Your business will grow harmoniously with your most precious relationships deepening. You will truly COME ALIVE on all levels.

Stay tuned… this is SO WORTH IT. xoxo

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Taking Life-Changing Action (Episode 63)

Why is it so dang hard to take life-changing action? Sometimes it’s just too easy to completely freeze or to go for the easy way out when we know the next steps could bring so much joy, abundance, relief and success… believe me, I know!    

Today I’m diving into a few reasons we run into this problem and sharing with you some basic principles and concepts that just might help you rise above those fearful, hesitant feelings.

When we identify a shift we need to make or a change we desire in our world, we tend to automatically look at WHERE WE ARE NOW vs WHERE WE WANT TO BE. Then, we feel the instant pressure and fear of what seems to be a massive gap in between the two.

Your dreams are right there in front of you… you can taste them, smell them, feel them and they really lights up your soul. Don’t let the distance between where you are and where you want to be hold you back!


Achieving those life-changing desires isn’t a sprint… it’s a marathon! Recognize that true, lasting change often comes from small and consistent efforts put in place over longer periods of time.

Listen in to discover how to truly approach life-changing decisions or actions with a perspective and beliefs that will empower you. Allow yourself to be truthful and find peace with the desires you have in your heart, then really embrace the journey to create a life you love!

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Self Love + Limitless Potential // Special Guest Ruby Fremon (Episode 62)

Do you really, truly believe your potential is limitless? How would things shift in your life if you lived and breathed with a knowing that truly anything is possible in your life and you can create a life you love? Ruby Fremon joins us on Joyful Living to share her thoughts on leaning in to our limitless potential through the gateway of self-love. 

In this powerful conversation, Ruby shares how she lives for people seeing and embracing their limitless potential. Listen in as she discusses what “limitless potential” can mean and how it can support us in creating and living lives in alignment. 

One of the most powerful stories Ruby shares is how in coming face to face with her own drug addiction, she got to see how the root of the struggle was a feeling of “I am not worthy.” She shares how recognizing this brought her to a point of choice where she could finally end the addiction struggle and create a life that she loves. 

We also dive in to struggles with anxiety and depression and how to create a life you love, in spite of these struggles. Ruby shares her personal experiences with these struggles and the skills she’s used to work with them and stay in integrity with her heart and soul.

SO MANY powerful nuggets of wisdom in this conversation! We pray that it may serve and support you in finding greater hope and breaking free to live the life your heart and soul is craving.


This 3-day experience will get you unstuck and drive you to pursue your dreams with unshakable confidence! Are you ready to put an end to feelings of self-doubt so you can go after your dreams with ease? Are you ready to heal core wounds and feel proud about yourself and your life? Are you ready to stop feeling so alone on this journey and gain the support you’ve been craving? Are you ready to leap into a life that excites you? Imagine being fearless in the pursuit of your dreams. Imagine rising up to your truest potential. Imagine taking action on the things you really want. It’s all impossible, and I’ll be sharing training and tools to help you make that happen. This event is for men and women on the path to empowerment. People who are seeking to break free from the shackles of their previous limitations so they can find the freedom to pursue the big thing they’ve been afraid to go after.


Introducing Ruby: Zero-bullshit, raw and 100% authentic about who she is and what she represents. Ruby is a Top Breakthrough Coach on a mission to help people tear down the limiting beliefs that stand between them and the life they truly want to live. She supports men and women on the path to absolute empowerment by helping them ignite their inner-power.

Addiction, depression, anxiety, toxic relationships and shattered self-worth are all part of her journey and a huge reason why Ruby is a powerful coach. She has been through the thick of it and understands the reality of what it truly takes to transition from breakdowns to breakthroughs.

Named “An Inspirational Woman” by The Huffington Post, and founder of the Self-Love Tribe, Ruby lives and breathes what she teaches. Her work inspires people to embrace enoughness, unravel from their former programming and create a life built on a solid foundation of self-love.

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Letting Go of All that Limits Us // Special Guest Calli Lewis (Episode 61)

Announcing some exciting new shifts on the Joyful Living Podcast! Not only will there be fabulous new episodes released every week (starting now), I also have a few favorite contributors who will bringing their love and genius here regularly. One of those is Calli Lewis whose past episodes are some of this show’s most listened to and most favorite. We’re so grateful to have Calli collaborating with the Joyful Living project and hope that this series will support your joyful living practice in profound and meaningful ways.

Kicking this off today, Calli joins us to discuss what it really means to live in alignment and flow, especially when fear and anxiety shows up

Calli shows us how to make peace with the triggers in our lives, especially to experience a more empowered and peaceful response. Through some really powerful parables and stories we discuss how much power we give to forces outside of us and how this shifts everything. By opening our eyes to this, it supports us in living less in force/struggle and living more in flow and joy.  

We also discuss the concept of “okay-ness” and how much of our lives are wrapped up in needing to be “okay” and terror over not being “okay.” How do we work with this struggle and recognize more and more how to live in peace and harmony with this crazy thing we call life.

Lean in, open your eyes and allow yourself to soak in the concepts in this episode to set yourself free.

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Finding Healing + Deepening JOY // Special Guest Tiffany Garvin (Episode 60)

If you’ve ever found yourself surprised by your reactions to things happening in your life or if you’ve ever felt like you just can’t seem to get your head above the water (or at least not for very long), today’s episode of Joyful Living is for you! Special guest, Tiffany Garvin, joins us with some powerful strategies and insights on how to find greater healing in our bodies, minds and spirits to expand our capacity to live more alive and in JOY.


Tiffany teaches how to invite joy in on a more regular basis, while also living empowered to stop spiraling downward with our emotions and health. Through simple strategies, she shows how we can break free from patterns that bind and limit us so we can step more fully into the Truth of who we really are and the work our hearts and souls desire to do here.


Listen in to learn how to harness the power of intention to bring about big shifts in your life and health. Learn how to work with your emotions and physical symptoms to learn and grow, rather than get stuck. This is a truly powerful episode. If you’re new to energy work or emotional healing, be sure to listen with your heart and soul to really feel what’s within this conversation for you. If you’re more experienced with this work, listen in to see how you to take your practice to an even deeper and more transformative level. 



International bestselling author of Life Above the Line: Living the Life You’re Meant to Live. Tiffany overcame 18 years of chronic illnesses through hope, determination, a few miracles, and the simple yet profound techniques found in her Perfect Healing System. She now speaks and teaches, empowering others to find greater healing and happiness in their own lives.

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