Intuitive Business, Visibility + Activation // Special Guest Joanna Turner (Episode 56)

If your heart has been calling to you to create something big + brilliant and maybe you are considering starting a business or wanting to take your existing business to the next level, this powerful episode of Joyful Living is for you! Joanna Turner joins us to dish on the importance of following our intuition in all aspects of our lives and businesses, as well as leaning into ENJOYING in the process of creating.


As an Intuitive Business & Success Coach, Joanna specializes in guiding women to let go of all the fears, negative beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns that limit them in creating what they really desire in life and business. She shares her insights on identifying and shifting blocks relating to visibility and money, especially sharing the most common blocks she sees (and that we all have to some degree or another).



One of my favorite points that Joanna leans into is recognizing that we were born for something bigger than we can comprehend. It’s BIGGER than us. If we wait until we’re ready, we’ll never start. She encourages us to “find joy in the struggle” and learn to love ourselves so we can get over ourselves and love the people we’re here to serve.


Truly, this conversation with Joanna Turner can be a powerful activation for you in whatever phase you’re in of creating a life and business you love. Listen in with an open heart and see what’s in store for you here. We’re cheering you on in taking action and living joyfully!

About Joanna Turner  //

Originally from Scotland, now a digital nomad. Joanna is a leading Intuitive Business & Success Coach, Advanced EFT & Master NLP Practitioner, (and former Chartered Accountant!) She is a mentor to female entrepreneurs, and specialises in busting money & visibility blocks.  

She acts as a bridge between the spiritual and business worlds combining her strong business acumen, gained from spending 17 years in Finance and in Boardrooms with the CEOs of Multi-Billion dollar companies and setting up offshore start up companies, with her years of personal development and spiritual practice, including being a certified Akashic Records practitioner. She was recently nominated for the Telstra Business Woman of the Year Award 2016 in the Entrepreneurship category.

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Fabulocity: Joy in Marketing + LIFE // Special Guest: Rebecca Rubin (Episode 55)

It’s easy to devalue all we have to offer the world. It’s even easier to tell ourselves that while our dreams aren’t being realized today, we’ll get there eventually. And then the years just keep rolling by. Life continues moving forward, not stopping for us to have a chance to shift and get ahead. Sometimes to really get into the life work that’s been calling us from our heart and soul, we get to make BIG + COURAGEOUS shifts. And sometimes (most of the time) not everyone in our world will understand or cheer us on.


Join us today is Rebecca Rubin, a rock star marketing coach who helps people to find their soul fire and then ignite it through their marketing. Whether you’re in business now or are tempting the idea for “someday,” you’ll want to be sure to listen in to the wisdom and insights Rebecca shares in this powerful episode of the Joyful Living Podcast.


Rebecca uncovers the most common blocks she sees as a coach that limit our capacity to share the brilliance and beauty we are offering to the world, as well as the powerful shifts you can apply today to lean into more magnetic and compelling marketing.

Also, enjoy hearing more about Rebecca’s unique story of following her heart to leave her job, open up her own business and then go on to become a digital nomad for the past year, living in a different country every month of 2016. It will inspire you to take those leaps of faith you’ve been holding out on, while stepping into greater action and courage along the way.


About Rebecca Rubin //

Rebecca Rubin is a marketing coach who helps women entrepreneurs to discover + express their inner FABULOCITY – so their lives flow with ease and their messages spread like wildfire online.
Her work has been featured in Entrepreneur, Business Insider, NBC, CBS Radio, The Huffington Post, Divine Living Magazine and a number of other top publications + podcasts in the “live your best life” space.
Rebecca is also a full time digital nomad – spending 2016 living in 12 countries over the course of 12 months and taking her coaching business on the road!

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Nurture Your Creative Spark

What do you do to nurture your creative spark? When your business is rooted in your passions – work you love to do and would do even if no one was paying you – sometimes it can be hard to turn work off and just create for the FUN of it. Even if your work isn’t rooted here yet, nurturing your creative spark can change everything and light your world on fire.

Over the years as I’ve really leaned in to creating a life and business I love, I’ve found that I lose my creative spark when I stop nurturing my creativity. This means doing at least some of my art for the sake of art, rather than only for business.

When we lose touch with our own creative spark, we slip out of our zone of genius. Our work then FEELS like work. It’s something we just do to get money. But when we’re connected to our creative spark, the inner fires light our days and we COME ALIVE. Naturally, our work comes alive as a result, bringing our brilliance + secret sauce back into everything we’re doing.

However, this step can be easy to devalue and look past. We think it’s not crucial in the moment. It’s easier to not take the time to nurture our creative spark. However, leaving those inner fires to tend themselves means they (& we) can easily burn out.

I’ve been leaning in more to tending my inner fire, that divine + creative spark. Lately it’s looked like drawing and painting in my art journal. Whenever I do it, my heart sings. Peace returns. My divine spark glows into a fire.

My work has more depth, heart and life. I have more energy to bring to my family and more patience to enjoy life as it is right now. OUR CREATIVE + DIVINE SPARK MATTERS. Let that light shine!

Creating the Life You Want // 4-Step Process (Episode 39)

Are you ready for some POWERFUL clarity to support you creating and LIVING a life you love? I’m so excited to share this special episode of the Joyful Living Podcast with you today!


Over the past 6+ years I’ve used a powerful 4-Step path to navigate creating the success and joy I now enjoy. Step by step, week by week, this process has kept me on track with my goals and dreams. Today I am sharing my secret weapon with you. Using this process is what makes some people look at me and scratch their head wondering, “how does she get ALL that done?”


This past school-year this process has been even more important than usual. I felt inspired to homeschool my children and knew it was exactly what we needed most right now. However, I also knew that I had our residual income business to continue to grow and manage, a podcast to produce and I was also recovering from adrenal fatigue (from a few years of overworking and not doing things in balance).

How would it be possible to recover my health and manage all of these effectively?

week map

Welcome to the 4-Step process I’ve been refining over the years!

This year I perfected it even more and put it more fully to the test and we’ve been reaping the rewards! Has it always been smooth sailing? Absolutely not. However, my children are thriving and it’s been a very successful homeschool year, my health is thriving and our business is thriving as well. AND, I’M NOT CRAZY. All of these feel like big wins (especially the “not crazy” part). 😉

To download my 4-Step Path to Create a Life You Love Workbook, click on the box below.


You’re going to LOVE it! It’s full of 10 pages of GOODNESS to support your path of joy!

Just to really win you over on this, my husband is making some big shifts in his life right now and I had him test out my 4-Step Path to Create a Life You Love Workbook and he LOVED it (he doesn’t typically love stuff like this). He loved the clarity that came from following the steps and is confident it will really support him as he makes this transition.

Excited for you to listen in to this POWERFUL episode and snag your copy of the 4-Step Path to Create a Life You Love Workbook!


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The Secret to Your Best Year Ever // Special Guest Kelly King Anderson (Episode 28)

Thinking about (or dreading) New Year’s Resolutions? Think again. Rather than making lists of what to do or not do in this new year, you can do something MUCH more powerful! Over 4 years ago Kelly King Anderson invited me to dive in to the practice of choosing an intention word for the year. Ever since, my years have been drastically different. Kelly King Anderson joins us on this special New Year’s episode of the Joyful Living Podcast to share her insights on this truly powerful practice.


Joy in Being True to the Song Within Your Heart – Special Guest Mindy Gledhill (Episode 24)

Over the years it’s been inspiring to witness the evolution and blossoming of the beautiful, talented Mindy Gledhill, Indie singer and songwriter. Her courage and audacity to truly sing the song of her heart to the world with unabashed abandon over all these years has inspired me, as well as countless others.

In today’s episode of Joyful Living, Mindy joins us to discuss the real, everyday struggles and joys of living our truth… and even singing it out loud for the world to hear.  (more…)