Living Inspired On and Off the Yoga Mat // Special Guest: Crystal Gray (Episode 65)

Joyful living doesn’t just happen overnight and it’s not a destination to reach. Living joyfully is a practice and a way of truly experiencing life.

Crystal Gray joins us to tell us about her joyful living journey and share with us her insight on finding inspiration, being guided by intuition, and truly living with joy.

Crystal has been teaching yoga for over 10 years. She is a certified Health Coach, organic vegetable farmer, wife, and mother, and she loves helping people find health, hope, and the support they need to reach their goals and live a life more joyful than they ever thought possible.

Joyful living, for Crystal, means being led by her INSPIRATION and INTUITION. Finding joy and balance in life involves taking a step back, slowing things down, and trying not to force things to happen.

Instead of focusing on attracting a certain job, car, house, or point of success into her life, Crystal has learned to focus on things like simply trying to find joy in her life. She has found that this approach frees people from the expectations we often attached to the things we think will bring us happiness and opens us up to the joyful experiences life has to offer.

Rather than speeding through life or just going through the motions, Crystal talks about starting each day with intention and inspiration. The decision to slow things down has helped her stay focused and remain present in the moment, so that the hours and days don’t just pass by in a blur.

Spirituality – connecting with our own intuition and the divinity within us, as Crystal defines it – was the start of her wellness and joyful living journey. While she embarked on adventures with her diet, lifestyle, and yoga practice, she also battled her own addictions, insecurities, and limiting beliefs.

What she found along the way is that JOY LIVES IN THE BODY as well as in the heart and soul.

She encourages us, as women, to step more fully into our womanhood and to be comfortable in our bodies, to slow down, tune in, and really be connected with our bodies.

Crystal reminds us that, just like there is no such thing as a perfect post on the yoga mat, there is no such thing as perfect in our lives! It’s not so much about getting to a certain place or checking off those boxes in life, in relationships, or even in yoga… but it’s more about being honest about where you’re at and living according to your inspiration and intuition. 

As you listen to Crystal’s story and the way she helps others discover joy, balance, and peace, you can’t help but feel inspired to let go of your ideas of perfection, to slow down, tune in, and truly connect with your unique purpose.



Crystal Gray has been teaching yoga since 2005. She’s owned a yoga studio, an organic vegetable farm, is a health coach, wife and momma to one beautiful 7 year old. Crystal loves helping women find themselves and remember who they truly are aside from being an awesome mom.

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April Showers Essential Oil Blend

Grateful for flow this morning. I felt inspired to make some lovely changes to my website + create this special “April Showers” blend to support continuing to move forward in flow.


Inside my April Showers blend:

  • Stones: Orange Calcite + Carnelian
  • Flowers: Roses
  • Essential Oils: Wild Orange, Clove, Star Anise, Lemon Myrtle, Ginger, Cinnamon, Helichrysum + Frankincense

Grateful for the opportunities I’ve had lately to create some very special custom Joy blends (like this one) for some lovely people in my life. Creating them brings me so much joy!!

If you are hoping for your own custom blend from my Etsy shop, I’m unable to fulfill any orders until I return at the end of April. Feel free to order, but know there will be a delay while I’m on my Ireland/England adventure for the next two weeks.

Receiving April Showers

When I listen to my heart + soul, I stay in flow. When I don’t, life feels overwhelming, complicated & frustrating.

As I was meditating a week ago, I felt inspired to set the intention for April of: APRIL SHOWERS that will bring MAY FLOWERS.


This was a powerful insight for me, especially as I’ve been leaning into finding my groove with creating in flow, rather than stress & force (as is so common in our world). As I’ve meditated more on this intention, I feel it’s time to really lean into the art + grace of receiving.

“But why should it be so easy, you might wonder. The challenge is not to try and force life to unfold according to our whims, but to grow in trust, wisdom, self-love and self-worth so that we become capable of surrender. The way is effortless, yet the journey to being able to surrender into the way is not always so effortless! We can make mountains out of mole hills unintentionally and so you are being asked to let go now, to relax and allow life to do what it does, which is flow.” – Alana Fairchild

And so I spread my arms out wide to receive the rain. I stand grounded and peaceful, tending my energy and grateful for the friendly and loving universe we exist within. Learning to trust and let go of fear. Walking courageously by faith. Ready to receive “April Showers” of joy, health, growth, and wholeness on all levels.

Courage to Hear + Follow the Heart

“The most dangerous road you can go down is from the head to the heart.” from Ben Lee’s (@benleemusic) incredible song “Don’t Let the Fire Die”

Over the past few years I’ve been leaning into listening to my heart & following it more than ever before. That sounds annoyingly cliche, but it’s absolutely true.

It’s truly humbling to recognize just how much struggle & pain over the years has come from silencing or ignoring my heart. As I’ve coached & worked with so many other women over the years in emotional healing work, I see a VERY similar struggle. I’m convinced this is the primary struggle for many of us. When we listen to our hearts it brings us home into our bodies. We’re literally in touch with our souls. We step out of the circus of the brain’s distraction & our temptation to be identified by what is going on in our brains.
To become a student of our own heart is to come alive + be set free. . . .

I wish I knew who to credit for this incredible image. Please let me know if you know of the artist.

Inspired Joy Essential Oil Blend

Listened to what my mind/body/soul need right now & this lovely blend was born. It has Amazonite + Garnet stones, rose petals, and arborvitae + lime essential oils. It’s a truly heavenly blend that I can’t get enough of.


Also, I’ve been making these for my friends lately, kinesiology to know what stones, flowers & oils their bodies need. These custom JOY blends have been so popular that I’m now selling them on Etsy. A special Joy Blend may be exactly what you need right now.

Sending you so much love + joy today!