The Stories We Tell (Episode 70)

Is someone driving you nuts? Are you feeling like maybe you won’t ever be able to have what you really want? Are you playing small in your life or business?

At the root of any of these feelings is a STORY that is either holding you captive or liberating you. 

In today’s episode of Joyful Living we dive deep into the difference between stories vs. facts (and how our we + our egos get sneaky and try to convince ourselves that our stories are facts/truth). 

Facts are something that can scientifically be proven to be true, largely because that something ALWAYS or NEVER is a certain way. Example: the earth is ALWAYS round and NEVER flat = fact.

Opinions are simply based on our perspectives and preferences. Opinions are similar to stories in that they cannot necessarily be proven to be true or false. Example: the earth is a beautiful and safe place = opinion.

The biggest crazy-train we jump on in life is believing that our stories are facts, when they are actually simply opinions. The big spoiler for how to tell the difference between a fact and an opinion/story is if it holds up to the “always” or “never” test.

You’ll learn how to tell the difference by taking your story through the “always/never” and “everybody/nobody” tests to see if you’ve got a fact on your hands or one wild, convincing story. 

Why does this matter so much?

Because pretty much everything we do as humans is rooted in a story. The more you hold things up to the “always/never” test, the more you realize that there are far fewer facts in life than we often believe. 

Stories are based in our opinions and perceptions. By changing our stories, we change our lives. 


Deceptively simple + elegantly powerful.

Cheering you on in setting yourself free by becoming aware of the stories that are keeping you stuck and then choosing more empowering, supportive and joyful stories! 


p.s. Are you a soulful entrepreneur? Be sure to download my FREE Brand Story worksheet below! 

Nurture Your Creative Spark

What do you do to nurture your creative spark? When your business is rooted in your passions – work you love to do and would do even if no one was paying you – sometimes it can be hard to turn work off and just create for the FUN of it. Even if your work isn’t rooted here yet, nurturing your creative spark can change everything and light your world on fire.

Over the years as I’ve really leaned in to creating a life and business I love, I’ve found that I lose my creative spark when I stop nurturing my creativity. This means doing at least some of my art for the sake of art, rather than only for business.

When we lose touch with our own creative spark, we slip out of our zone of genius. Our work then FEELS like work. It’s something we just do to get money. But when we’re connected to our creative spark, the inner fires light our days and we COME ALIVE. Naturally, our work comes alive as a result, bringing our brilliance + secret sauce back into everything we’re doing.

However, this step can be easy to devalue and look past. We think it’s not crucial in the moment. It’s easier to not take the time to nurture our creative spark. However, leaving those inner fires to tend themselves means they (& we) can easily burn out.

I’ve been leaning in more to tending my inner fire, that divine + creative spark. Lately it’s looked like drawing and painting in my art journal. Whenever I do it, my heart sings. Peace returns. My divine spark glows into a fire.

My work has more depth, heart and life. I have more energy to bring to my family and more patience to enjoy life as it is right now. OUR CREATIVE + DIVINE SPARK MATTERS. Let that light shine!

Branding Workshop

Awesome day today. Led a #branding workshop for a group of rockstar entrepreneurs with big dreams & plans. Lots of breakthroughs & beautiful memories. My heart is full. ❤️

Branding workshop


Irresistible Branding Workshop Recording

Yesterday we had an awesome time in the Irresistible Branding Workshop! I shared my top 3 proven branding strategies, along with action items to take with each of them immediately. This workshop is packed with content that can support your brand stepping fully into irresistibility!


Push play to watch the recording of the workshop:

Diamond Mastermind Adventure in Jamaica

My husband & I were flown to Jamaica by the incredible Natalie & Andy Goddard of the Natural Solutions Revolution group so that I could be a speaker at their Diamond Mastermind. It was an amazing experience! We absolutely loved Jamaica & the beautiful people there!

DAY 1 – Friday

Boarding the plane for our all night flight sequence to Jamaica: Bon voyage! Jamaica here we come! ☀️

jan 22

After flying all night long, WE’RE HERE!!!

1 23 2015

Ate an amazing dinner last night at the famously haunted Rose Hall of “Annie the White Witch”. It was beautiful & so incredible to connect with some of our dear, inspiring friends. Sidenote: haunted places are not really my thing; didn’t know this about it until we got there. Super helpful. #jamaicandream #goodfoodgoodfriends #joyfulliving #sograteful #goodtimes (photo from


DAY 2 – Saturday

View from our room. Slept awesome. Feeling deeply relaxed & peaceful. Took a little while to unwind but I’m feeling so good now! 

1 24 2015

Took a Catamaran excursion with the NS Revolution Diamonds to explore Montego Bay.


Loving Jamaica’s turquoise ocean. Just breath-taking! The snorkeling was just GORGEOUS. The massive coral was the most impressive.

1 24 2015 (3)

When in Jamaica, a big floppy hat is a MUST. Me + the amazing Brianna Coles got the memo.


Randy loves the ocean… I mean LOVES, LOVES, LOVES the ocean. If we’re near it, he can’t take his eyes off it and you better believe the wheels are turning in his head as he’s planning how he can swing jumping in it (no matter what else is on the schedule for the day).

1 24 2015 (5)

Our Catamaran pulled up unexpectedly to Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville… so we could party (non-alcoholic style) for a bit and play in the water.


Had a blast watching half our group (including Randy) play on this HUGE water toy. Completely hilarious.


So fun to be here with our dear friends! Love my girl Adabelle!

1 24 2015 (4)

After a magical dinner on the beach with the Diamonds, each of us speakers had the opportunity to share some power insights to kick off the Mastermind. I shared some of my top stress-free creation strategies. The other speakers here  – Kirk & Kim Duncan, Tiffany Peterson & Daniel Macdonald – are amazing! What a rad group to be part of! Loving the opportunity to learn so much from them this weekend.


Later this evening we were invited to write our dreams on paper lanterns & then let them soar over the ocean. It was such a beautiful experience.

1 24 2015 (6)

Completely magical to watch a group of over 150 amazing people write their dreams on paper lanterns & let them loose over the ocean. So beautiful.

1 24 2015 (7)

DAY 3 – Sunday

And this is what paradise looks like. Loving waking up to this. YUM.

1 25 2015

Attended Church this morning with many from our group. It was a beautiful experience and we all left inspired by the fires of faith that we experienced there.


Tonight I spoke about intentionally creating a strong team culture and took everyone through a powerful exercise. It was an awesome evening. This is a group of incredible leaders of multi-million dollar, global organizations. As they intentionally care for their culture, their organizations are going to keep growing in healthy, strong ways. Excited for everyone to integrate what they’ve learned!

DAY 4 – Monday

This morning I loved hearing from Tiffany Peterson, along with Kirk & Kim Duncan. The content was all about planning a powerful 2015 year strategy that supports living a life of balance and health. Awesome + inspiring.


Rooftop reception tonight. Breathtaking view of the ocean. So grateful to be here in this beautiful place with Randy. HUGE thank you to my parents who are caring for our children at home so we can be here.

1 25 2015 (2)

Evening walk on the beach to go have a delicious dinner together with our incredible group. 

1 27 2015

Fun pic of me speaking about branding this evening taken by one of the rock star attendees, Amanda Olsen. The lovely and amazing Mariza Snyder volunteered to take part in a branding exercise that I later took the entire group through. Mariza is a rock star, also! Such a brave volunteer, too! 😉


DAY 5 – Tuesday

Most everyone from the Diamond Mastermind is heading home today, but we extended our trip by a day so we could relax a bit more before heading back home.

We’ve been treated SOOO well here at the Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall resort. The all-inclusive experience has been out of this world. How do you go back to normal life now? 

1 27 2015 (2)

Enjoying fruity drinks on the beach with my rock star friend, Adabelle Carson, and our husbands. SOOO glad they stayed a day later also! Loving spending some great quality time with them!


At the Jamaican Jerk beach shack… again.


Jamaican Jerk is the REAL deal. Put it on anything & it makes it lick-your-fingers-and-the-plate delicious.


Jamaican sand, oh how I will miss you when we fly home tomorrow!

1 27 2015 (3)

Randy loving his pina colada (you better believe I had a billion of these, too).


Our last dinner in Jamaica. We went to the Brazilian BBQ restaurant at the Hyatt Resort and it blew our minds with deliciousness! Had such a great day relaxing with our friends, the Carsons!



DAY 6 – Wednesday

A Jamaican man just told me, “remember, mon, you’re in Jamaica where we take good care of our friends.” Thank you, Jamaica! What an amazing experience it has been! I’ve fallen in love with the Jamaicans! What beautiful people. If you ever want to have a rockin’ party, invite Jamaicans. Have had such a blast. Heart full of gratitude for this amazing experience! Goodbye, Jamaica! Thank you for the love! 

1 28 2015

Simple Style + Supporting Great Causes

I’m a big believer in dressing in alignment with your brand. It just doesn’t fly far when you have a gorgeously designed website and business cards, but you look frumpy. As entrepreneurs we can get in the bad habit of taking care of ourselves last. However, recognize how that is affecting your brand (or the way others perceive you). You may have a rocking business in the back end of things, but if you look haggard and out of date, it reflects poorly on your brand and expertise. We all have bad days – of course – but remember that YOU are your brand (your business card, website, etc. are parts that help describe you and what you do).

So today I thought it would be fun to show you a really simple, fun fashion trend that would give you an updated, fresh look, while still being super comfortable and professional: pairing funky graphic tees with pencil skirts and more. This is a great look to wear to a business meeting or even a more casual business event. It can be dressed up or dressed down. The best part, is how you can support GREAT causes by buying gorgeous, funky graphic tees that support charity organizations.

Are you crazy excited yet? Check out how fun this style looks with pencil skirts (both plain colored and patterned):


I also really dig pairing graphic tees with skinnies and a jacket or kimono.


However, this style trend reached an all-new LOVE for me when I started finding all sorts of cool graphic tees that support AWESOME causes! Below you’ll find a few of my latest favorite finds. Any of these funky tees could be paired with a chic pencil skirt (don’t be afraid of using patterns, my friend!) or skinnies. Add a tailored jacket or a kimono (again, don’t be afraid to play with patterns).


Beauty is Everywhere” – benefits Angel Faces, helping fund a healing retreat for teen burn survivors to restore their self-image


Love Empowers” – benefits go to Imagine Goods (partner with Love 146), helping marginalized or vulnerable people—many of whom are survivors of trafficking—training them in a skill, and empowering them with work


Good Morning Gorgeous” – benefits Angel Faces, helping fund a healing retreat for teen burn survivors to restore their self-image


BeYOUtiful” – benefits First Descents, providing free adventure experiences for cancer fighters and survivors


Animals” – benefits First Descents, providing free adventure experiences for cancer fighters and survivors

Snag a fun graphic tee and pair it with skinnies or a pencil skirt for your next business meeting or event. Then you can accessorize to dress up the look by adding fancy earrings or a statement necklace. Add heels or ballet flats and you’re set!


Credits for style photos above: