Working with Quinn has been amazing! I am so grateful I found her. What a gift she brings to the table! Through her guidance I was able to create a brand completely authentic to me. I gained clarity, focus, and felt thoroughly supported in the process. She is brilliant and uses her intuition, her awesome design skills, and upbeat personality to see projects to completion. I now have a brand that rocks!

Kalli Wilson


ROCK your brand with Quinn’s self-guided 1-week program. Complete with 5 powerful video workshops and Quinn’s very best worksheets that she uses with all her private clients, Brand Camp is sure to support taking your business to the next level.



Get crystal clear in your Brand Development phase so your Brand Design Phase goes smoothly. Ideal for passionate entrepreneurs who know they need a strong brand (or an update to their existing brand), but feel lost about how to bring everything together in an irresistible way.


You’re excited about creating your rock star brand! Your business partners, networking group, network marketing team, or other rock star associates are excited about creating theirs! Bring everyone together for a group Brand Workshop with Quinn.


A few of the many projects and clients I’ve loved branding + creative directing over the years.

I find it so impossible for a person not to be madly in love with your being. You are so easy to adore!!! Best talent, love, inspiration, and the person who can make sense of the mad color and blueprints I see in my head (and create intelligent design!). Love you, Quinn Curtis! My brand was born because of you!

Heather Madder