Quinn Curtis is a Branding Rockstar! I started Brand Camp thinking I knew what brand style, colours and everything I wanted and needed for my coaching business. How wrong was I? Quinn has a technique of allowing you to gain clarity and delve deep into your passions. With the daily video Jam Sessions and Branding Projects, she helps you to really shake up your branding, think bigger than you have before about your business and rock it! Brand Camp and Quinn are phenomenal! I highly recommend Brand Camp to everyone who is serious about their branding. Rebecca Adams

Entrepreneur + Business Coach

BRAND CAMP // One Week to ROCK Your Brand


Brand Camp takes branding complexity and makes it SIMPLE. Now you can harness the power of rock star branding to take your business to the next level!

WHAT IS BRAND CAMP? Take your business through Quinn’s 5-part process to create an irresistible brand. While this course can be taken at your own pace, Brand Camp can be completed in 1 week (or sooner). Each module consists of an hour long video training, as well as powerful worksheets to help you get the clarity and insights to ROCK your brand.


  • 5 Branding Jam Sessions with Quinn Curtis + real life business owners
  • Pinterest Collection – use Pinterest to support in developing your gorgeous brand identity with this powerful support tool (great for beginners + Pinterest pros)
  • Brand at a Glance – keep track of the 5 core areas of your brand and how they relate to each other on one simple page
  • Branding Checklist – with online businesses, one simple change can affect the myriads of online places. Use this checklist to make sure your brand is unified on all fronts.
  • Style Ideas – at-a-glance view of 12 core styles and 4 style personalities, helping you get more clear on your unique style (also includes a link to a free, quick quiz to help you identify your style)
  • Website Planner – fill in the blank to create or fine tune your rock star website
  • Website Research – get clear on what you love and what you’re not crazy about with web design that’s already out there so you can give a clear vision to your designer and developer to get exactly what you want
  • Target Market – powerful questions and fill-in-the-blank action to get you more clear than ever on who your people are and how to connect with them
  • Creation Phases – map out exactly how your branding project will get completed by your due date, keeping your focus on what matters most
  • Brand Offering – clarify your highest value and greatest ROI products and services to direct your brand to selling even MORE of those
  • Tiers of Proximity – Support your brand in creating the lifestyle you desire by getting clear on your levels of engagement in your business to protect your time & energy (your business’ more valuable asset)
  • Week Map – simple + powerful tool to support you managing your time effectively with the changes you’re making to your brand and moving forward thereafter
  • Your Brilliance – bring more of your passion, dreams, & brilliant authenticity into your brand & business
  • Unified Why – get to the heart of your why to bring greater passion and irresistibility to your brand
  • Key Branding Language – a series of insightful questions to help you get more clarity on your core branding language
  • Social Media Marketing Calendar – quickly map out your marketing plans for each month using this handy tool
  • Photography Planner – fill in the blank to know exactly what photos you need for your branding. Photographers LOVE when you come prepared and they know they can help you get exactly what you want.
  • Other AWESOME tools (this package is too big to list them all)

IS BRAND CAMP FOR ME? You’ve got great ideas + a business you love, but it often feels like a real struggle to pull everything together into one cohesive, gorgeous brand that really represents you and what you’re all about. You feel stuck in your business… like you’ve hit a major wall and you can’t move forward until you figure your brand out. Add to all of this that you feel frustrated that your business is not really connecting with people that are energizing and exciting.

You’re ready for your business grow + have WAY more fun along the way. Brand Camp brings together the power of Quinn’s proven branding strategies that have led her private clients to rock their brands and take their businesses to greater heights than they ever dreamed was possible.

Brand Camp will help you ROCK at:

  • Connecting with your ideal target market (people you’re psyched to work with)
  • Getting clear on a powerful, compelling, unified message + language (so people know why you + what you have to offer are so valuable)
  • Working with other rock stars in your industry because they now see you as a peer
  • Creating a gorgeous brand identity design, helping you get clear on exactly what colors and styles represent you + your business best (& tricks to do this all VERY affordably or even DIY)
  • Mapping out a simple + effective website plan to kill it online
  • Getting your brand to do the heavy lifting in your business so you can have the lifestyle you desire while also reaching your business goals

WHY BRAND CAMP? Typically when we know we need a solid brand we jump right into connecting with a graphic designer or website developer. However, this can lead to a long, frustrating (& usually expensive) process of trying to gain greater clarity during the design process (eg. it feels like you’re speaking a different language or you’re clear when you talk but the designs they send back look nothing like what you want, so you go through revision after revision after revision until you finally just settle/give up… utterly discouraged).

Brand Camp saves you time and money in design, development, and marketing by helping you get powerfully prepared and rock star clear beforehand. Brand Camp’s simple, proven tools make it so any business owner can ROCK their brand.