I find it so impossible for a person not to be madly in love with your being. You are so easy to adore!!! Best talent, love, inspiration, and the person who can make sense of the mad color and blueprints I see in my head (and create intelligent design!). Love you, Quinn Curtis! My brand was born because of you!

Heather Madder

Speaker + Health Coach

PRIVATE BRANDING CLIENT // Accepting limited clients through 2016.

Get crystal clear in your Brand Development phase so your Design phase goes smoothly. Ideal for passionate entrepreneurs who know they need a strong brand (or an update to their existing brand), but feel lost about how to bring everything together. They’re hesitant about moving into design because they’re not sure exactly how to direct the designer and/or have been burned before by getting designs that they were less than thrilled with. They’re 100% ready for absolutely irresistible branding.

Quinn’s Private Branding Clients Receive:

  • 1 hour Initial Brand Strategy Jam Session with Quinn (usually via phone/skype)
  • Full evaluation of your existing branding
  • Brand Development to identify your secret sauce (eg. colors, symbols, target market clarity & vibe)
  • A gorgeous Brand Board to give to your graphic designer so they can clearly see the vision for your branding & give you gorgeous results faster and more affordably
  • Website wireframes to support with the strategy of the website and layout (as needed)
  • 30-40 minute Brand Follow-Up Session to make sure you’re prepped and totally ready to move forward in your design, development, and marketing phases of your branding project
  • Access to powerful tools from Quinn’s Brand Camp

SWEET. How Do I Get Started? Contact us via email. You’ll get the update on Quinn’s availability, as well as any questions answered that you may have. We’ll schedule an appointment for your Initial Brand Strategy Session and send you a Paypal invoice. Once payment is received, you’ll receive an email with several branding worksheets to complete prior to your Initial Brand Strategy Session. Note: Quinn only allows a very limited number of Private Branding Clients into her schedule each month. You will be alerted of the current wait time upon request to become a Private Branding Client. 

SOUNDS GREAT, but…  If you’re excited about connecting about your brand, but aren’t sure you’re ready for a Private Session, be sure to check out Quinn’s Brand Camp where you’ll get step-by-step instruction on how to develop your brand. Not sure which direction to go? Feel free to contact Quinn via email and explain your unique situation so she can assist you in selecting your best option.

Working with Quinn has been amazing! I am so grateful I found her. What a gift she brings to the table! Through her guidance I was able to create a brand completely authentic to me. I gained clarity, focus, and felt thoroughly supported in the process. She is brilliant and uses her intuition, her awesome design skills, and upbeat personality to see projects to completion. I now have a brand that rocks!

Kalli Wilson

Wellness Coach