Beet LOVE + Why They’re Awesome

When I was little I always was horrified to see canned beets on the table. How could God invent such a disgusting vegetable? And why were my parents so insistent that I eat that poison? I never could have predicted then that beets would become one of my absolute FAVORITE vegetables now. It’s funny how growing up changes our perspective on certain things (though I still don’t love canned beets like I love fresh beets…).

beet love health benefits

Want to know one of the biggest reasons I reach for beets? ENERGY.

Just about everyone I know is wishing they had more energy. In our stress-filled and busy lives, it’s easy to start feeling run down and tired. However, adding in more live food, especially powerhouse foods like beets, can take away the death-warmed-over feeling.

Typically when we think of eating beets, we only think about the red root part. However, for much of history the greens were the real focus of the plant. Because of this, there are some powerful health benefits to BOTH the root AND the greens.

Did you know that beet greens contain more iron than spinach? In fact, they are even more nutrient dense than the roots. Beet greens are a powerful support for bone health and strengthening your immune system. So definitely don’t throw them away when you buy beets. I like to juice the greens or blend them up in my green smoothies. I also like to chop the greens up to add to salad or to sneak some bonus nutrition into my family’s meals.

The beet roots are a powerhouse of nutrition also. Just like their deep reddish color would make you think, beets are GREAT support for our blood. A few things that beets are great at: lowering blood pressure, boosting stamina, fighting inflammation, boosting the immune system, and helping the body detoxify (purifying your blood and liver).

If you want to learn more about beets, I loved this article.

There are SO many great ways to bring beet greens and roots into your diet. But, if you’re a little hesitant (maybe you have childhood canned beet PTSD like I did…) I’d recommend juicing or blending some (start with a small amount until you get used to it and know how much is too much for your juice/smoothie) with other veggies and fruits that you love. Even just adding a little bit can do a LOT of good.


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