Bath, England

MAJOR dreams came true yesterday to experience Bath, England! This city is INCREDIBLE + MAGICAL. Everywhere you turn there’s something absolutely stunning + beautiful to see. It feels like walking through a painting. WOW!! Grateful for Rebecca Adams for showing Kelly & I around her city. Still savoring such a dreamy experience!


The Roman Baths – INCREDIBLE to see them in person. They are sooooooo old + have been preserved beautifully!


Caesar watching over the Roman Baths


Roman Baths (the biggest pool, green from the natural mineral hot springs bubbling below – all others are indoors + too dark to photograph)


Sweet little cafe


Just one tiny view of the Bath Circus – all the buildings are built round around a circle. They are soooo old & well-preserved. Just breath-taking! Jane Austen lived nearby, as well.


Can you even believe this church in Bath?!! Goodness!


Bath, England, YOU STOLE MY HEART!!


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